10 BEST Gadgets For Passing Time!

number one razor Jetsthese are roller skates that can be attached to your shoes and straps these type of skates were on the market to be used by children a long time ago nowadays the razor company manufactures products for both children and adults to use them just tighten the straps fit them to your shoes and start skating they’re pretty sturdy but also have some limitations as the maximum weight of a person to use them cannot exceed 180 pounds an interesting aspect about these roller skates is that they spark when you step down on your heel putting the back of the skate platform at a right angle from the road these skates are made of polyurethane weigh only one point two pounds and their platform can be various sizes the starting price of this product is 35 dollars

 number 2hover seat this unusual means of transportation is the combination of a hovercraft a beach chair and a hoverboard this combination results in a mini electric vehicle this device can be used by both adults and children as its very easy to adjust its length and seat the creators of this gadget see that its an exciting new way of traveling which almost everyone can drive without fear of injury from a fall this hybrid vehicle was designed to enjoy traveling compared to other hoverboards hover seat has a significant advantage regarding balancing technology and it allows users to speed up moderately go around bends in the road and even swing on the rear wheel during the ride the users allowable weight for this device varies from 45 to 290 pounds and costs $99

number-three mega maaan players of this game can use the effect of augmented reality in their smartphones to battle with their robots in the physical and virtual world at the same time the Megaman robot uses the camera of your smartphone to identify and track itself through an accompanying application that serves as the control center for steering the robots and firing weapons battles begin on a mat that is approximately two feet by three feet from this point on the robots can go anywhere including hiding behind furniture while attempting to outmaneuver other enemy robots owners can physically upgrade their robots with weapons shields and module elite raid out legs and body parts for an additional charge a single robot costs $329 while a 2 unit package that is used for multiplayer mode costs 599 dollars

number four pogo stick Forte go v4 this device is a kind of portable trampoline which allows jumping up to ten feet high regarding its design this invention resembles a unicycle with the slide shaft instead of a wheel it has handles and footpegs pogo stick weighs about 15 pounds and it withstands a weight of up to 400 pounds to start jumping you have to stand on the footpegs and make a quick effort the movements of the users body control the device and for higher jumping a greater effort is needed this pogo is an easy to use portable tool that will let you be thrilled to play sports and have fun in your free time for extreme sports enthusiasts its creators have come up with an improvement of the original pogo which is called vertigo v4 pro this model has been designed for higher jumps as it contains 10% more air and the adjustable air cushion the gadget comes in three different sizes and costs three hundred ninety dollars

number five spy gear what this kind of toy even a flag capture game can become a real adventure this gadget offers multiple devices in the kit for this game including special walkie-talkies which you can use to communicate in two modes with a video camera or without night-vision goggles and an action camera are also included in the kit that’ll let you record the actions of your allies and enemies even in the dark this action camera can be installed on the toy guns so you don’t miss any moments of an exciting game and the cost of these advanced toys start at 20 dollars that’s supplied I’m just sick and tired of them getting away with stuff time to take him down

 number 6huger this electric skateboard weighs approximately 15 pounds however it can reach speeds up to 25 miles per hour just one battery charge is enough to travel for more than 20 miles if the batteries are discharged when the user is on the road they can be swapped with new ones in just 60 seconds recharging the batteries from a main source of energy can take between 2 and 3 hours hunger users can ride this electric skateboard even in bad weather and you don’t need to be afraid to go through puddles as it has waterproof engines even though its designers do not recommend submerging it until water intentionally thanks to its suspension design the skateboard can tackle hills with slopes of up to 20 to 25 percent this electric vehicle is equipped with led head and tail lights which add elegance to the design and it gives it more visibility on the road hence significantly increasing its safety the board is made up of Canadian maple wood and it costs $800

smart plain pro fpv this compact high-speed plane controlled by asmartphone can do more than just flying it can also perform stunts such aslooping or sharp turns in the air, in addition, each plane stunt can becustomized by adapting the programs in its system database according to thedesigners of this gadget it can be controlled with intuitive hand gesturesand its system is different from the systems of similar devices you canadjust manually the movements of it in the air by tilting or waving thesmartphone every kit also includes a special joystick that can convert theusers phone into a gamepad that lets you control the flight at any timemoreover this toy aircraft is made up of the unique durable and resistantmaterial is specially designed for remote control airplanes therefore itwill not get damaged even if it crashes with other objects or falls down fromhigh altitudes on a full charge it can fly for 12 minutes regardless of thestunts it performs the toy plane comes with a charger which is connected by aUSB plug it can fly up to 330 feet away from the owner smartphone without losingcontrol which is done via bluetooth it wastes 1.2 ounces 13 inches long and itswingspan is 12 inches each aircraft toy is equipped with a set of LEDs that canbe adjusted it comes in black and green colors and costs three hundred fifty twodollars

number eight peak Rider this device is a system for transporting bicycles it’ll help you carry your bicycle and any extreme condition the bike frame is attached to the top of a backpack using a very resistant strap this makes the bicycle structure sufficiently stable and safe this strap flexibility will allow you to turn and tilt your bike in all directions so that you can overcome obstacles along the way its important to mention that the peak rider kit comes with a special support plate that stops the bicycle from pressing your shoulders and its a weight will be distributed evenly over your body’s hips and back the starting price of this is$65

number nine Laser X this device allows you to take the gaming experience from the virtual to the real world it can be used for single or group battles, in addition, this device can be played both indoors and outdoors and the weapons can be used even in the dark due to their bright elements and different colors each plastic weapon is highly accurate and can strike the enemy from a distance of over 200 feet to make the effective shooting more real the game comes with a receiving vest which has a light sensor it counts and records each hit and after several successful shots from the enemy the vest receiver changes its color totally the play mode for this game allows you to include an unlimited number of people in it each weapon has a power indicator that warns you if batteries need to be swapped there is also an interactive voice assistant that keeps your attention during the gameplay this two-player laser-tag gaming set costs fifty dollars on its official website 

number 10 Eagle of sniper g7 arrow slingshot this slingshot made of black aluminum and magnesium alloy is like any other slingshot on the market however it’s a much more resistant and comes with some useful additional accessories, in fact, you can use this device to shoot arrows it comes with several spare rubber bands and a flashlight clamp which can be installed on the handle for use in low visibility conditions its worthy to mention that the top of this device is made of stainless steel so it doesn’t corrode with frequent use this link shot is 7 inches tall and four inches wide its produced in China and costs about $80 

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