4 things to check before uploading photos to social media

Here are some tips you should follow before posting photos on social media.


In the social media world, we like clicking and uploading photos. Whether it’s a selfie, a picture with your best friends, or something you eat, at one time, you should click on the photos and upload them to social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr.

But the one thing you ponder here is what else are you sharing besides your photos? Do you compromise your online privacy by sharing your photos online? Here are four things to check before uploading photos to social media.


Who’s in your photo?

The photograph contains a lot of information. A good test and you will have plenty of information about the person who shared the photo. The information you can get from the picture is the age of the subject, the types of clothes he/she is wearing, the date taken and the time the photo was taken, the food one eats and the political views.

You should be surprised that this information is quite useless. Well, if you want to target someone, this information will give you a lot of knowledge about the topic when the group is together. So, make sure you don’t reveal too much of the information required in the picture.

What’s in the photo?

Instead of a selfie, let’s say you clicked a picture of your fancy breakfast. Could this film be a threat? Well, yeah. It can reveal information about whether you are on a diet or not. And if you’re on a diet, you can answer questions about whether you need to visit a particular store to get your ingredients. These types of photos can be used to steal your digital identity.


Where is the image clicked?

A look at your shared photos will help someone tell you where your picture was clicked. It can expose your location to identity spammers. If you click on a remote location by sharing your photo online, you match your home’s security with yours. Doesn’t this information reveal that your home is now empty and open for burglary? Sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

EXIF metadata of your photo

Do you know what the film’s EXIF ​​metadata is? Well, all the photos come with their tag, and these tags are classified as metadata, called Exif. This EXIF ​​metadata contains extensive information such as the modeling and preparation of your camera, its aperture data, and many other things. It also provides information such as where the photo was taken and the location. Therefore, it is always advisable to remove Exif metadata before sharing your photo online.


Now that you have some idea of ​​what you are sharing with the world with a single image, you need to be careful about it. Get strict control over the privacy settings of your social media accounts to keep you safe

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