WhatsApp is constantly trying to update the software in order to give the Dark Mode feature to its users as soon as possible. The latest Android Beta version 2.19.366 has been attempted to fix major bugs with the development of dark charms. Many improvements are being made to provide the best bug-free experience and to make the overall messaging and calling experience more user-friendly on WhatsApp.


According to WabetaInfo, a blog that collects complete information about WhatsApp, Facebook’s proprietary social messaging app has been making major bug fixes and solving most of the problems in the previous version. Most notably, a splash screen bug fix was fixed that caused the app to crash immediately after opening. We’re telling you about some of the upcoming features on your phone WhatsApp.

Dark Theme Option:

As stated in the blog, WhatsApp is giving plenty of time for the development of the Dark theme. Now a new dark mode optimization has been implemented that makes it possible to display chat settings in the display option.
However, all options are currently under development. And there is no need to worry if there are currently no updates for dark mode on your mobile. Currently, this option has been tested on the Android Beta version and the stable version has not yet been released. No information has been given as to when it will be officially released. So we have to wait until the next publication.

New Emoji Skin:

WhatsApp has added a new skin to 6 emojis. Emojis include “Woman in Manual Wheelchair”, “Man in Manual Wheelchair”, ‘Woman in Motor Wheelchair’, ‘Man in Motor Wheelchair’, ‘Woman with Probing Cane’, ‘Man in Probing Cane’.

Wallpaper Option:

The wallpaper option is the option found in the latest update. This option, which is inside the chat settings, has now been moved to a different section and is now available in the display section. If you tap on the chat wallpaper option in the chat settings, you get this option. You need to select the display. Dark theme settings are also available in the display option, which will be released shortly.

How to download WhatsApp Beta Update ?
All users who wish to test all the above features in the Beta version can also register for the app’s hunting program. The new updates are live on the Google Play Store, and interested users can enroll and get the first-hand experience of the new features.
Excluding these new features, the Delete Message feature is also available in the popular Messaging App, allowing users to set the time for automatically deleting messages after a specified time, and those messages will never be available

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