8 Cool New MIUI 11 Features full review


Xiaomi recently started rolling out the first official MIUI 11 beta on some of its smartphones based on Android 10 this new skin from the company packs in a bunch of cool features and we had the opportunity to test it out on one of our Xiaomi phones the new Android skin will roll out to a number of popular phones over the next couple of months and while some older phones might not receive the Android 10 variant the feature said is expected to remain mostly the same so if you are rocking a fairly recent Xiaomi device this article is just for you you.

 in this article we will take a look at some cool new features coming in MIUI 11  so let’s get right to it shall we kicking things off is a new feature coming to the ambient display on a couple of high-end Xiaomi phones with this feature you will be able to set up a cool of special effects on the ambient display you can easily find this feature by searching for special effects in the settings app and you can customize the effects from the following screen there are three different effects to choose from and Xiaomi might add more by the time the stable version rolls out.

 next up let’s talk about the enhanced global duck mode much like most of the Android skins these days Xiaomi has included a dark mode on me why but this one additional global dark mode setting this time around which you should also check out you can find this setting within the display option in the settings menu just step on dark mode and then turn on the toggle next to the global dark mode option in the following menu once it’s turned on you will notice that the dark mode also starts working on a few third-party apps that don’t include support for dark mode by default not only is this set great for UI is it will also help you save some precious battery life.

 if you are rocking a phone with an AMOLED display since we are on the subject of saving battery let’s take a look at another battery centric setting Xiaomi is included in MIUI 11  the new ultra battery saver can be found within the battery and performance settings and once you turn it on the OS will restrict most power consuming features it will also decrease your device’s performance to leave just basic functionality like calls and SMS available for use which ensures that your phone lasts as long as possible this particular setting can really come in handy when your phone’s almost out of battery and it will help you squeeze out another couple of hours before it finally dies on you while we are in the battery and performance settings you might also want to check out the automated tasks feature this feature works quite a lot like the popular Tasker app and allows you to set up context based tasks on your phone for instance if you want to turn on the airplane mode on your phone at a specific time all you need to do is tap on the plus icon in the bottom right corner add the time we want the tasks to happen by tapping on add condition and then select airplane mode by tapping on add action once you are set to tap on the check mark in the top right corner and you are good to go your phone will automatically switch to airplane mode and specified time every single day pretty cool rate now if you jump into the settings menu within the battery and performance options

 then you will notice another new feature called scenarios which will also help you conserve battery when you’re not using your phone yep that’s right another battery-saving measure once you have this feature turned on mean why will detect when you are sleeping and it will automatically disable all background apps turn off Bluetooth and mobile data and it won’t even wake up the screen for incoming notifications next up there’s the new screen time feature which is essentially Xiaomi’s own take on google’s digital well being you can find the feature within the Settings app and it will give you a detailed overview of your device’s usage statistics on top of that you will also be able to set screen time limits for your device and specific apps which can really come in handy if you are actively trying to decrease the amount of time you spend on your smartphone or within a specific app.

now let’s move on to another cool customization feature that will allow you to change the way notifications look on your device MIUI 11   gives you the choice to use stock Android Lite notifications on your phone and I’m really glad that Xiaomi finally introduced this option because I am NOT a big fan of em UI notifications to switch between the notification styles open up the Settings app and then tap on notifications in the following screen tap on notification shade and then choose the type of notifications you want simple isn’t it well that’s not all in the same menu you will also be able to customize the notification folder settings that will allow you to hide all unimportant notifications in a separate folder this will ensure that the notifications shade remains clutter-free even if you get a ton of notifications from a bunch of different apps.

next up let’s talk about game turbo another cool new addition that we’ll find within the special features section in the settings app a feature works pretty much like the gaming mode on most of the phones and gives you access to all your games from the same screen on top of that you can also check your CPU and GPU usage on the fly and turn on other useful features that will help you improve the gaming performance of your device including the game speed booster in-game shortcuts notification settings and rounding things off as the lift to open front camera gesture and that’s a handy addition for those of you who click a lot of selfies you can find the setting within the special features section under front camera effects just tap on the toggle next to the left to open camera option and now you’ll be able to easily open the front camera with a simple gesture to use it head back to the home screen lift the phone and look at the screen well that sums it up for this video what do you think about these cool new MIUI 11  features do you think Xiaomi should have added something more, well share your thoughts in the comments below  and I’ll see you guys in the next one 

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