Airtel vs Jio vs Vi: Best prepaid plans under Rs 200

Since most of us are currently working from home due to the covid-19 pandemic, many do not need daily GBs of data as they already have wireless broadband connections in their homes. However, they need features such as unlimited calls and limited data, which hold them out when they are out and about performing daily tasks. For such users, we have compiled a list of best-prepaid plans from Airtel, Jio, and Vodafone Idea (VI), India’s three largest telecom service providers, offering unlimited calling and daily data for less than Rs 200.

Airtel vs Jio vs Vi: Best prepaid plans under Rs 200

Airtel vs. jio vs. VI: Airtel Rs 199 prepaid plan

Under the Rs 199 prepaid plan, the company offers customers a truly unlimited calling facility and 1.5 GB of daily data. The plan also includes 100 daily SMS, free unlimited Hello tunes, access to Wink Music, and access to Airtel Extreme service. The project comes with 28 days of validity.

If you are willing to compromise on the data, you can also get a Rs 179 plan which offers similar benefits, but only 2GB total data and 300 SMS for the validity period of the plan, which is 28 days. The extra bonus you get with this project is Rs 2,00,000 without any medical tests or paperwork from Bharti Aksha. The insurance is only valid for the recharge period.

Airtel vs Jio vs VI: Jio Rs 199 prepaid plan

Under Reliance Jio’s Rs199 plan, it offers 1.5GB daily data for 28 days for prepaid customers. The project includes an unlimited jio-to-jio calling facility, 1,000 FUP minutes to call other networks, and 100 daily SMS. The project also includes access to all Jio online applications, including JioTV, JioSave, and more.

Airtel vs Jio vs VI: VI Rs 199 prepaid plan

Vi offers less than 1GB of data per day under its Rs 199 prepaid plan. With 1GB of daily data, the project comes with real unlimited data and 100 daily SMS. In addition, the project includes access to V movies and TV. This project comes with less exposure between groups for 24 days.

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