Apple Watch 6 release date, price, news and leaks

 Apple Watch 6
We expect the Apple Watch 6 to look like the Apple Watch 5 (above) (Image credit: TechRadar)

Could the Apple Watch 6 release date be just around the corner? Apple is launching on September 15, where it is likely to unveil the device – though it may or may not launch the iPhone 12.

It’s only a few days at the time of writing, so if you’re looking for a wearable new apple, this is probably an event worth watching.

Apple is already equipping us for the Watch 6 with the unveiling and beta launch of its new software WatchOS 7. Sure, it’s ready for the older Apple Watch, but it’s clearly designed with the future smartwatch in mind, so it gives us some idea of ​​what to expect on the new device.

The Apple Watch 5 is a good smartwatch, but its successor is ready to address some of that gadget’s problems and bring new features and advanced specs, perhaps with new ways to use technology with your iPhone or iPad.

We’ve compiled everything we heard about the Apple Watch 6, and you can read it below. Take with some pinch salt, pre-release information for tech can be – and often is – wrong, but it helps us give some tips on the new Apple device.

Below the leaks and rumor information, you’ll find a list of things we want most from the Apple Watch 6 to upgrade significantly on the Apple Watch 5.

The wearable is good, but it wasn’t a big upgrade on the Apple Watch 4, so we’re expecting more at this point.

Latest Apple Watch 6 News: Apple is running the event on September 15 and Apple Watch 6 is likely to be in attendance – possibly with the addition of the iPhone 12 and other devices.

Apple Watch 6 Release Date and Price

With the exception of the original Apple Watch, each new model was launched in September of that year, so the Apple Watch 6 is likely to drop in September this year. We’ve heard that the iPad Air 4 might launch later.

Apple is hosting the event on September 15th at 10am PT / 1pm EST / 6pm BST (4 AEDT in Australia on September 16th). It does not say what will be announced there, but it is called the event ‘Time Flies’, which strongly hints at the watch.

We can see other things, including the iPhone 12, iPad Air 4, and Apple Airbag. Here’s everything that can appear.

In any case, if the umming that the Apple Watch 6 is announced on September 15, it could be when you can’t buy it – expect to wait about 10 days from the announcement to the sale date.

It is also unclear whether the Covid-19 epidemic will affect Apple’s schedule. There have been several rumors that the iPhone 12 is being delayed for this reason, and it may be a similar situation for the Apple Watch 6. We have seen at least one leaker claim that the Apple Watch will not be released until 6 October.

That probably won’t affect the date of publication, the sale date. As for the price, it is likely to cost as little like the Apple Watch 5, which means the minimum price is 399 / £ 399 / AU. Starting price of $ 649.

Apple Watch 6 Performance and Design

We are already hearing some rumors, including the possibility of the Apple Watch 6 switching to a new screen type. The Apple Watch 5 uses an OLED screen, but the report suggests that the Apple Watch 6 may use a micro lead.

The main advantage of the Microlade is that it is more energy-efficient, which means that the Apple Watch 6 has better battery life.

All this said, there is a recent report suggesting that the Apple Watch 6 will have the same screen as the Apple Watch 5.

Another possible change to the screen is the addition of the Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner. The current Apple Watch range has no biometric security, but building a scanner into a screen is a slick way to deliver it.

This theory is based on a patent, and you can see the image above. The patent explains that this can be accomplished by moving wireless antennas to the list, so there is more access to other components under the screen.

The idea of ​​Touch ID on the Apple Watch has also appeared in another patent, so this is definitely something Apple is looking for – though not necessarily the Apple Watch 6 or any other model.

This is a change to create space for a fingerprint scanner and theoretically accommodate a larger battery. However, this limits the ability to provide listings to third party companies and means the cost of listing replacement is very expensive.

Don’t expect the Apple Watch 6 to be drastically different from previous versions of the smartwatch. Reliable analyst John Prosser believes the Apple Watch 6 is similar to older devices.

Apple Watch 6 Specs and Features

One new feature that the Apple Watch 6 can get is the ability to track your temperature. This is recognized in the Apple Patent for Advanced Yoga Tracking, which enables you to better assess your posture and energy expenditure – so it can also be included, but it works in part through temperature measurements, which have extensive health and fitness uses.

We know that thanks to the WatchOS 7 beta, the Apple Watch 6 (along with other Apple watches) finally delivers native sleep tracking. This is not surprising as it has been rumored for some time.

The Apple Watch range already supports third-party sleep tracking apps, but surprisingly Apple has yet to offer its own, so it’s been a long time coming.

Another big leak suggests that better parental controls are coming in the meantime, with new ‘tachymeter’ distance-tracking markers (a feature of traditional analog watches) ringing the face of the Apple Watch. Also leaked: Apple Watch 6 may gain the ability to monitor blood oxygen levels and alert the wearer if it is low enough to risk cardiac arrest. And, as ably predictable, a good ECG is also rumored.

John Prosser’s later forecast described the uses of blood oxygen level tracking: combine this with heart rate monitoring, and the wearer is able to tell the smartwatch when it is hyperventilated.

It can tip the watch that the wearer has a panic attack, and can tell the wearer to stop or pull (if driving) and train them to breathe until the attack has passed. This could be the mental health tracking suggested by the previous rumor.

We’ve heard a lot of rumors this time around, including blood oxygen tracking through supply chain sources, so it’s very likely.

The patent meanwhile describes medical alerts such as medication alerts, as well as the possibility of new gesture controls that trigger different functions based on your arm movements.

Similarly, it describes a feature that allows the Apple Watch to work out which wrist it is wearing. As usual, the Apple Watch 6 is not mentioned by name with patents, and there is no guarantee that any of these features will see the light of day.

Another feature we can look at is the ability to tell the Apple Watch whether you are in danger of drowning, and if so contact emergency services. The idea is based on the Apple patent, which describes a system where the device can detect if you say, open water or brine, and then act exactly where you are and based on your calendar and location data intended to be in that water.

In addition to the new features, the Apple Watch 6 also features improved water resistance and wireless connectivity and faster general performance. None of them are terribly surprising except for water resistance, since the Apple Watch 5 is already water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters.

This claim comes from Ming-Chi Kuo (a respected Apple analyst) who claims to allow switching to liquid crystal polymer (LCP) materials on circuit boards.

Elsewhere, we also have some ideas of possible battery size, as Apple batteries have been identified as passing through the South Korean regulatory process of 262.9mAh, 265.9mAh, and 303.8mAh. The Apple Watch 5 had a 296mAh battery, so these were the right size for the successor, with three different sizes that could account for the different configurations and sizes of the Apple Watch 6.

The big departure for the upcoming Apple Watch, meanwhile, is the switch to a digital crown instead of a rotating option that sits on every Apple Watch model.

There is no guarantee that it will be included in the Apple Watch 6, but it may be something that Apple is experimenting with, given the patent we’ve seen from the company.

Apple Watch 6 with WatchOS 7

Of course, the Apple Watch 6 will come with a new version of the company’s software, specifically WatchOS 7.

From new workouts to streamlined complications, to sleep tracking, to hand washing tracking, and more, there’s plenty planned.

Sleep tracking is probably the biggest update here and suggests that the Apple Watch 6 may come with specific features that make it better at handling it.

What we want to see

There are sure to be plenty more Apple Watch 6 rumors rolling in, but in the meantime, we think wearables can deliver.

1. Good battery life

The Apple Watch 5 actually has a worse battery life than the Apple Watch 4, and although there is a good reason for it (and always the inclusion of the screen), we still want to see some big improvements for the Apple Watch 6.

At least we want it to fit into the life of the Apple Watch 4, but we want it to be even better, comfortably offering two or more days of life between fees. This makes Sleep Tracking more feasible – a rumored feature that Apple is adding.

2. More fitness features,

The Apple Watch is already a great health and exercise tool, but we’re disappointed that no new fitness features have been added for the Apple Watch 5, so we’d like to see some for the Apple Watch 6.

That’s exactly what we’ll leave to Apple, but the possibilities include the ability to track most exercises more accurately, or additional sensors to monitor your health. The more granular the health information is, the more accurately we can track progress and personal development.

3. Always dimming option for on-screen

As always the display is a nice new feature for the Apple Watch 5, but one notable thing with this is that it is too bright to use comfortably in the dark at night.

As such we want an option to make it very dull without turning it off completely. It also improves battery life, so it’s a win-win.

4. Always turn on for all apps,

Another problem with Always On-Screen is that not all apps support it properly, which means that in many cases it will switch to the original digital clock, rather than always displaying the original version of the app on the display.

We would like to see this replaced for the Apple Watch 6 so that every single app is able to fully support on-screen.

5. Sleep Tracking

We’ve been listening to sleep tracking on the Apple Watch for years, and so far, Apple hasn’t listened. There are rumors that sleep tracking may be at work, so this may be something we finally get. But on the other hand, Apple may decide not to bother, as third-party apps offer it.

6. Improved scynking

We’ve found that syncing things (such as songs and podcasts) to the Apple Watch 5 is more frenetic than it really should be because you don’t need it to be charging and on your iPhone, it doesn’t look reliable and even work on our tests.

In addition to making it difficult to see what’s saved on your watch, we have a lack of polish that Apple expects from the entire process, so it definitely needs some work for the 2020 model.

7. Circular screen

While our other hopes are realistic, this is not the case. We can’t see Apple drowning out the current screen shape – and we don’t want to – but we’d love to see it add a circular option with square screens.

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