Battery comparison of Nothing Phone (2A) vs Nothing Phone (2): Does the new phone outperform the flagship?

Nothing Phone 2a vs Nothing Phone 2 battery comparisonNothing Phone 2a vs Nothing Phone 2 battery comparison

Nothing Phone (2A) was recently launched in India at a starting price of Rs 23,999. For the price, it offers a good set of specifications and a massive 5,000mAh battery, which is the most we have ever seen in a Nothing smartphone. To test its performance, we will compare batteries between Nothing Phone (2A) And its higher-priced flagship sibling, nothing phone (2)To determine which phone offers better battery output.

The battery comparison will include four tests: 4K video recording, 4K video streaming, a gaming test, and the PCMark Battery Benchmark. Let's take a look at the results below:

4K video recording

In the 4K video recording test, both phones were set to record at 4K 30FPS for 30 minutes to detect battery drain. The Nothing Phone (2) won the round with a battery drop of 100 to 94 percent, compared to the Nothing Phone (2A) which dropped from 100 to 91 percent. Here is a screenshot that shows the battery settings for each smartphone.

Nothing Phone 2a vs Nothing Phone 2 4K video recording
Nothing Phone (2A) nothing phone (2)
Battery drained: 9 percent Battery drained: 6 percent

the winner:
nothing phone (2)

4K video streaming

Next, we set both phones to play the same YouTube video for about 35 minutes at 4K resolution, with maximum brightness, to check battery drain. Once again, the Nothing phone (2) wins the round and drops from 93 to 89 percent, while the Phone (2a) drops from 91 to 86 percent.

Nothing Phone 2a vs Nothing Phone 2 4K video streaming
Nothing Phone (2A) nothing phone (2)
Battery drained: 5 percent Battery drained: 4 percent

the winner: nothing phone (2)

gaming test

In the gaming test, we played BGMI set at HDR resolution and Ultra frame rate settings for about 30 minutes on both phones. The gaming round ended with a victory for Nothing Phone (2A) by a small margin, falling from 83 to 77 percent, and Phone (2) falling from 88 to 81 percent.

Nothing Phone 2a BGMI 1 Nothing Phone 2 BGMI 1
Nothing Phone (2A) nothing phone (2)
Battery drained: 6 percent Battery drained: 7 percent

the winner: Nothing Phone (2A)

pc mark

pcmark benchmark It measures how long a smartphone's battery lasts from 100 percent to less than 20 percent. In the PC Mark test, the Nothing Phone (2) once again impresses with a battery output of 16 hours and 8 minutes, while the Phone (2A) lasts for 14 hours and 13 minutes. It is worth noting that the Nothing phone (2) comes with a 4,700mAh battery, while the phone (2a) has a 5,000mAh battery. These results from the PC Mark test and previous tests highlight the exceptional battery optimization of the phone (2).

Nothing Phone 2a vs Nothing Phone 2 PC Mark
Nothing Phone (2A) nothing phone (2)
PC Mark Score: 14 hours, 13 minutes PC Mark Score: 16 hours, 8 minutes

the winner: nothing phone (2)


The Nothing Phone (2A) is the clear winner in terms of battery performance compared to the Phone (2A), showing that bigger is not always better (we are talking about battery capacity here). This phone beats the (2a) when it comes to 4K video recording, 4K video playback and PC Mark scores. Although the phone (2a) shows slightly better battery retention while gaming, this is just one aspect. Although the phone (2a) may fall short in direct comparison, the differences are not very significant. The phone (2A) still offers good battery backup which can easily last most users for a full day.

You can rely on our extensive reviews of the Nothing Phone 2A (Review) and phone 2 (Review) to know more about these smartphones.

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