Facebook Messenger Video Calling Service Launches to Desktop

Facebook Includes many affiliate companies including Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, which are often referred to as social networking sites. All are trending and have more users. Messenger Op has recently been updated with a lot of new features. To that end, Facebook has now introduced another special service in Messenger.

facebook messenger on desktop

Facebook Messenger

Yes, Facebook has already introduced video calling and voice calling facilities for the use of Messenger App smartphone. Audrey has now rolled out the video chat feature to the desktop version as well. Users can still use Messenger video calling on the smartphone as well as on the desktop screen and laptop.

facebook desktop

Corona Effect
Currently, there is a lockdown in the country due to corona effect. The use of video calling apps for video conferencing has increased since everyone is at home and many employees are working from home. Facebook Messenger has also introduced a video calling feature in this regard.

Video calling

Facebook Messenger Desktop Video Calling feature will also be available on Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS desktops.


TechCrunch-TechCrunch reports that Facebook Messenger, already on the popular stage, will be making a major change in its design in the near future. Facebook Messenger Redesign is said to be based primarily on speed and simplicity.

fb messenger,desktop

People tab

The Facebook Messenger People tab is likely to be changed and the People Stories option will appear. This new variant is said to resemble the structure in Snapchat. Stories uploaded by friends on Facebook are expected to appear in Messenger in the People category.

Messenger Kids

Facebook has also recently made changes to its Facebook Messenger Kids app. New in the app is the new Parent’s Dashboard, which has added privacy features. With this option, parents can keep track of the children’s Facebook Messenger activity. In 2017, Facebook released this Facebook Messenger Kids App.

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