Fastrack launches new smartband.

Fastrack launches new smartband

Fastrack‘s smart bands are already available in the tech market. Fastrack has just released its newest version of the smart band. It is also the first smart band to receive a certificate from the Indian National Academy of Health.

Yes, Fastrack, the fashion brand that is designed to appeal to young people’s passion, has launched its new smart band, Smart Fastrack Reflex Beat, in the Indian market. It is certified by the National Academy of Health and includes heart rate monitor tracking features.

Fastrack launches new smartband

Fastrack‘s new smart band is a fitness band that records a user’s heart rate every 5 minutes. The reflex beat program is implemented in Smart Band for this purpose. Users can also record Heartbeat information and review this information at a later time.

The SmartBand Heartbeat Cutting Special Features are also used for the hot beat study. It also features 24-hour active sleep tracking, calendar changes, and notification features. The fitness tracker also features the IPX6 waterproof system for durability. It also includes camera control and alarm alert.

Fastrack launches new smartband

“We have tried to bring better performance through the FastTrack Reflex Smart Band,” said Ayushman Chiranewala, Head of FastTrack Marketing. The Fastrack Reflex Beat is currently priced at Rs 2,195 and the Fastrack Reflex Beat has a good battery backup.

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