Galaxy S24 Ultra: A giant AI leap for the industry

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra featSamsung Galaxy S24 Ultra feat

The smartphone market is witnessing a huge stir with the arrival of Galaxy S24 Ultra, The top-of-the-line smartphone from the brand's flagship series not only brings noticeable upgrades over its predecessors, but also aims to revolutionize mobile technology as we know it. As the latest addition to Samsung's prestigious 'Galaxy Ultra' portfolio, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is setting new standards in every single department, making it the ultimate device for the new age of dynamic professionals. Backed by the company's in-house AI technology, the S24 Ultra takes productivity and communication up a notch. And it does all that thanks to the new titanium build, which offers superior durability with higher tensile strength than regular aluminum.

In this article, we will discuss how Galaxy S24 Ultra Especially brings a huge leap forward with its AI features, fast performance and top-notch camera hardware. Prepare to be impressed!

Circle to search – Finding information is now easy!

The Circle to Search feature is definitely a standout feature with the Galaxy S24 series. It lets you gather information about anything on your screen in a jiffy. Be it images, videos, or text, all you have to do is tap and hold the Home button, use your finger or use the S Pen to circle the item you want to search for, and voila! You will have your answers. You can make the most of this feature to find image details in gallery apps, social media, web and beyond.

This amazing feature lets you search the web for the content you see in an image without switching multiple apps or typing the entire thing in the search bar. Very nice, isn't it? All you have to do is use your finger or the impressive S Pen to circle something that catches your attention, and it will automatically start working its magic. But we haven't reached the best part yet. Circle to Search works for all apps that allow screen capture. To use this great feature, all you need is an internet connection and an image on your screen. And, with just a few quick steps, you'll be able to get information about everything that caught your attention. Talk about convenience!

Galaxy AI is here to make your life easier

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is packed with AI features. While most people call AI artificial intelligence, Samsung prefers to call it 'Advanced Intelligence'. The brand's in-house Galaxy AI powers Galaxy S24 UltraOffers features like live phone call translation feature and new voice recorder app.

The most useful aspect of the AI ​​on the Galaxy S24 is in photo editing as it suggests edits after clicking the photo and checking it in the Gallery app. You can add blur to background objects while keeping the focus on the subject. Furthermore, it will also enable you to eliminate reflections and shadows without compromising the aesthetics of the photo. The best part is that Galaxy AI suggestions will get even better as it learns your usage patterns.

Another AI feature that you simply cannot miss is Generative Edit. To use this feature, you just need to tap the blue generative edit icon while checking the photo and make sure you have an active internet connection. This feature makes editing easy and enhances your photos to ensure they are worthy of your social media feed.

Galaxy AI also brings new translation capabilities Galaxy S24 Ultra, With the latest interpreter app, you will be able to get two-way translation for personal conversations. And the best part is that all this happens completely on a device with no internet connection. Another feature in the AI ​​department is the Live Translate feature, which lets you transcribe and translate live phone calls in real time.

But there is something that deserves praise – NFC cases that take the extra effort to match your vibe. These NFC-sync and flip cases blend seamlessly with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, automatically changing the theme and wallpaper to match the case color. Isn't that pure magic?

Bring your A-game in mobile photography and shoot like a pro

The Galaxy S24 Ultra leads the way in the camera department with its phenomenal performance. The flagship smartphone is equipped with a 200MP camera, supported by a 5x 50MP telephoto and 3x 10MP telephoto lenses. The handset also has a 12MP ultrawide camera to ensure you don't miss anyone in group shots. While clicking photos with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, you will be able to see great dynamic range and quick autofocus. Along with great camera features, the Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with the ability to record videos in 4K resolution at up to 120fps, ensuring that no detail is missed. Result? You get incredibly smooth detailed footage, perfect for creating a cinematic film.

For those seeking even higher quality, the Galaxy S24 Ultra offers exceptional 8K recording at 30fps. If you are a professional photographer, no problem! This feature lets you capture everything in detail even with 5x zoom. Thanks to the advanced 5x night zoom video shooting, even dark lighting conditions won't stop you from capturing some great looking shots. Now, you can say goodbye to those grainy and noisy low-light videos thanks to ISP blocks. Apart from this, you get support for 8K video recording and 8K video playback. Isn't it impressive? Plus, don't worry about distance anymore! You'll now be able to capture super close-ups -2x, 3x, 5x and even 10x. And with advanced Tele OIS, there's no need to worry about capturing steady and sharp shots even when zoomed in!

Take your productivity to a new level with the S Pen

If you are someone who wants to increase your productivity, Galaxy S24 Ultra Have you covered with its useful S Pen. It is the best tool for new-age professionals, helping them type, tap and navigate with superb accuracy. Whether taking notes, marking up documents, or sketching your ideas on a digital canvas, the S Pen is what you need. It is an ideal tool for those who want to collaborate and express themselves without any hassle. The state-of-the-art device comes with a stylish and attractive design and will definitely exceed your expectations, opening up a world of possibilities for you.

Perfect choice of handheld gaming device

Samsung has also eliminated the need for additional handheld gaming devices. Now, you can play your favorite games seamlessly on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, all thanks to the zippy Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor and its graphics processing capability. The stunning 120Hz variable refresh rate makes the gaming experience even better, allowing for smoother scrolling and more immersive graphics. But how does Samsung do it? The company has included a vapor chamber, which helps in heat dissipation for peak performance and helps you achieve victory on the virtual battlefield.

But wait, there's more! The company has also introduced bypass charging, which smartly supplies power to components without charging the battery first. This allows the Galaxy S24 Ultra to avoid overheating during intense on-screen battles. Talk about innovation!

One UI 6.1 is a worthy upgrade compared to previous versions

Samsung has equipped the Galaxy S24 Ultra with a number of meaningful features that make a remarkable difference to your everyday usage and multitasking. The company has made many notable changes on the software front. The smartphone runs on Android 14 wrapped under One UI 6.1, with the most significant visual changes occurring in the quick settings. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi now have larger toggles and the brightness slider automatically appears once you swipe down. The company has also added some display controls to the slider, like toggles for dark mode and Eye Comfort Shield.

Offers and discounts you shouldn't miss

Could be Galaxy S24 Ultra Yours at just Rs 5,417 per month, Plus, you get to choose from two special edition colors – Titanium Blue and Titanium Green – exclusively on You can also choose standard colors including grey, black and purple. The company is also offering some offers which you cannot miss. You can get Rs 6,000 instant discount when you purchase Galaxy S24 Ultra using HDFC Bank credit/debit card. Not only this, you can also avail the exchange bonus option, in which you can get an additional discount of Rs 6,000 in exchange for your old smartphone.

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