Here's why the all-new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is the best phone for amazing views at concerts.

Galaxy S24 Ultra featGalaxy S24 Ultra feat

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is at the pinnacle of technological achievement when it comes to smartphones, with its awe-inspiring hardware that translates into a great user experience. And its supreme camera setup redefines the boundaries of mobile photography. Equipped with innovative features, it is nothing short of excellence, empowering users to capture moments with unprecedented clarity, depth and vibrancy. Photos and videos captured using the Galaxy S24 Ultra sparkle in every pixel, whether they are captured in daylight or low-light environments. In fact, users who already own the phone are now realizing that it is the best handset on the market for shooting videos at concerts, where its zooming capabilities ensure that you get high-quality shots of the performers. Get footage, no matter where you are. Sitting. Take a look at some videos recorded at the recent Ed Sheeran concert, where attendees managed to shoot some stunning videos of the artist from a long distance via the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Now that you've seen how amazing this phone is, let us take you through everything that has helped this phone solidify its position as a photography powerhouse in the smartphone world.

leading camera hardware

Like a true Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S24 Ultra pushes the boundaries of consumer technology with its camera hardware. It has a quad camera setup on the back consisting of a 200MP wide-angle camera with OIS. This high-resolution sensor is excellent at capturing details, making even the smallest textures and patterns visible in your photos, enhancing their overall beauty. Additionally, it also has a new provisional engine. This feature detects objects in your shots and appropriately enhances their color tones and reduces noise, resulting in brighter photos.

In its quest to offer unprecedented zooming capabilities, the Galaxy S24 Ultra has opted for not one but two telephoto cameras, which have their own OIS systems. One is a 50MP sensor that can do 5x optical zoom and the other is a 10MP shooter that can do 3x optical zoom. For ultra-wide photography, Samsung has provided an advanced 12MP camera in this phone. And selfies are taken care of by a 12MP snapper that sits on the front surface of the phone. As you can see, the cutting-edge hardware setup that Samsung has assembled gives the device tremendous capabilities in the photography department and as you'll soon learn, it makes the most of these capabilities.

Best Camera for Music Festivals – Pro-Grade Video Capabilities

With such advanced camera hardware, you can expect nothing less than exceptional video from the Galaxy S24 Ultra. As we mentioned earlier, the handset can shoot videos with exceptional quality despite offering high-end zoom. For many phones in the past, this has been the Achilles heel but the Galaxy S24 Ultra shines on this front. This means you can record pro-grade videos of your favorite athletes or artists in their stadiums and share videos of your experience on your social media without worrying about quality. Whether you're capturing beautiful landscapes or fast-paced action scenes, the S24 Ultra performs excellently in all scenarios. And OIS ensures that your clips have perfect beauty, eliminating any jitter or glitches that spoil the video. There is support for high-resolution 8K video recording, which is great news for content creators, as it provides them with new avenues to unleash their creativity. But what's really awe-inspiring is the new Instant Slo-mo feature, which uses AI to integrate extra frames into regular videos and turn them into smooth slow-motion shots. All you have to do is touch and hold to control when the effect starts and stops. The best part is that it works on downloaded videos too.

powerful quad tele zoom

No matter what you're using your smartphone camera for, having the power of optical zoom is a huge boon as it lets you explore different perspectives of the same scene without moving an inch. The handset offers 'Quad Tele Zoom', which means it offers four levels of optical zoom – 2X, 3X, 5X and 10X. Thanks to its high-resolution main sensor and dual telephoto cameras, the Galaxy S24 Ultra can offer multiple focal lengths to choose from. This gives the user the option to be even more creative with framing and experiment with more different angles than ever before without losing image quality. Simply put, going from a sweeping wide frame to a tight close-up is an absolute joy that should be experienced by you. But there is more; The amazing AI capabilities of the Galaxy S24 Ultra allow it to deliver 100x digital zoom to truly enhance the photography experience.

And with OIS to help you, you don't have to worry about photos losing sharpness when zoomed in too much. Maybe you are taking a group photo and immediately start capturing some rare bird that you have seen in absolutely no time and without moving an inch. The 50MP telephoto camera on the Galaxy S24 Ultra is also ideal for capturing stunning portrait shots. The larger sensor is home to larger pixels and this gives it tremendous light-capturing capabilities. So while it is expected that daytime portraits are of high quality, portraits shot during the night have absolutely breathtaking beauty.

Galaxy AI Genius

For some people, photography ends once the photo is taken and we have already seen how beautifully the Galaxy S24 Ultra can serve them. But for those who can't live without their editing tools, the Galaxy AI Suite is a huge boon. It provides easy editing features that would usually require you to sit in front of a PC and use many complex tools. Suppose you find something strange in the shot you clicked. You can use Photo Assist to quickly select any subject in your photo and move it around. The empty areas will be intelligently filled and the edits will be virtually unrecognizable. You can also resize a photo to a larger size than its original dimensions and the Photo Assist tool will handle the fill efficiently.

The Gallery app on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is also home to an AI edit suggestion tool, which gives you the perfect editing recommendations that can be applied with just a single tap. It uses AI to analyze the shot and make suggestions that can include improving colors, eliminating or enhancing reflections, blurring the background, and more. Galaxy AI is the crown jewel in the Galaxy S24 range and it definitely proves its mettle in the photo editing department as well.

Get the best camera phone on the market!

For anyone who wants to have a photography powerhouse with them at all times, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is a great choice. It is being sold in three storage options 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. Their prices are Rs 1,29,999, Rs 1,39,999 and Rs 1,59,999 respectively. If you purchase the handset through, you can get the phone in exclusive Titanium Blue, Titanium Green, and Titanium Orange colors. There are also ways to bring those prices down. There is an instant discount of Rs 6,000 when you use an HDFC Bank credit or debit card, while you can also avail an upgrade bonus of Rs 6,000 if you want to switch from your old phone.

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