How to change TATA sky registered mobile number (RMN)

How to change TATA sky registered mobile number (RMN)

Hello guys and welcome back Today I will tell you how to change the registered mobile number from your Tata Sky account, but here I show the steps by using the Tata Sky mobile application, and this trick common for all android mobile devices including Ios iPhone also. Because this application setting location is common, so nowadays lots of users are using this tata sky DTH service, at that time they ask for our mobile number to complete the verification purpose. So if you like to change your mobile number just follow me, friends… So let’s get started…

how to change the registered mobile number online:

 First of all, open your Tata Sky mobile application on your android mobile or Ios device and then click to sign in your account details, now your Tata Sky account is ready to use. So here you can press that profile icon and it is placed at almost top of right side corner and then it shows your profile picture and followed by it shows some options, so here you can select My tata sky and the first one and this time it shows your entire details like subscriber Id, remaining balance and expiry date. But you can go to My account settings and the final one. And one more time it shows the same information, but on top, it has some options. But you can scroll these options from the right side to the left side and then select Profile and the final one. So in this section at the bottom, it shows my Tata Sky registered mobile number, so if you want to change it just press the Edit profile option. Now you can go to that mobile number section and then enter your new mobile number. Once you change these settings and don’t forget to save these changes and after a few minutes the tata sky automatically changes your registered mobile number. So this is the way you can easily change your tata sky registered mobile number 

how to change the registered mobile number offline:

If you do not have an online MyTasky account, you can do the same offline by calling the Tata Sky helpline. The helpline depends on your area and asks customer care executives to change your registered mobile number. To validate it, you will need to provide your name, address, old mobile number, and other details.

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