How to download status video in WhatsApp

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In this article we know about downloading WhatsApp status. Read full article. 

There is two methods to download WhatsApp status, 
First method.  
Downloading an app from google play store, the app name is status download this app connect with your WhatsApp and helps you to download all status from WhatsApp but this method is risky because there is so many chances to lose our privacy, so Don’t download apps like this.

Second method. 
This method is easy and secure, in this method no need for downloading any app from google play store.

The first step:-  open your file explorer find WhatsApp folder

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 Second step:- click on whatsaap  folder find the Media folder

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Third step:- click on Media folder find option menu or 3 dot Menu 
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 The fourth step:- click on 3 dot menu or option menu menu find sho hiden  files

Fifth step;- click on show hidden files your file explorer shows you hidden files. After this, you can see the first folder is statuses (next photo) 
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Final step:-open the hidden folder (statuses) you can see all your friends WhatsApp status in this folder and use it for your self. 
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