iOS 17.2.1 update causing cellular connectivity issues with iPhones: Report

iPhone connectivity issues surfaced after iOS 17.2.1 update

A report BGR gets details on how users are in Apple's community stage Facing issues after recent iOS 17.2.1 update. Apple released iOS 17.2.1 as a stable update for iPhones to fix the battery drain issue. This update has reportedly introduced cellular connectivity issues in various units, leaving users unable to connect over cellular data or make calls.

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The exact reason other than the update is unclear; Neither the network providers nor Apple have made any statement in this regard yet. However, some users have reported seeing expired VPN and management profiles that can typically be found on workplace-issued devices, which can cause problems.

Although the forum posts have about a dozen people claiming that the issue exists on their devices, it's still not that widespread. The lack of posts on X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit regarding this issue tells us that it may also be limited to specific carriers and regions.

BGR's report also details some possible solutions to this problem. Deleting the VPN profile or resetting network settings may revive the cellular connection on the device. Additionally, there may be some issues with the update to the public beta version of iOS 17.3. The last resort might be to backup, reset and restore your iPhone, which is certainly not ideal and a bad look for the Californian brand.

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