iPhone 17 to feature anti-reflective, scratch-resistant display glass

iPhone 17 anti-reflective display details

  • According to the Chinese Weibo leaker, the outer glass of the iPhone 17 series will reportedly be made of super-hard AR layer. Instant Digital.
  • The roughly translated text of the Weibo post says the iPhone 17 series will be “more scratch-resistant” than you think.
  • It says Apple has purchased billions of dollars worth of coating equipment in Japan but is now handing it over to China's supply chain. However it will not be used for the iPhone 16 series that is expected to launch later this year, and will instead debut on the iPhone 17.
iphone 17 glass

According to the company, the iPhone 15 has the strongest glass on any iPhone currently. The ceramic shield it uses is a glass-ceramic material Corning developed in collaboration with Apple. It looks like it is going to get an upgrade with the iPhone 17 series next year. However, there is no information about the durability of the iPhone 16, and it may come with the same protective glass as the iPhone 15.

When it comes to Corning's toughened glasses for smartphones, the Galaxy S24 Ultra stands out for its Gorilla Glass armor. This glass panel is said to reduce reflections by up to 75 percent and also offers 4 times more scratch resistance than other smartphone glasses.

Corning could be developing something similar for Apple or it could be using Gorilla Glass armor on the iPhone 17 as well. However it is still very early as the iPhone 17 is due to arrive next year. But we should know more about it soon.

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