Mi Band 4 vs Honor Band 5 Full Comparison | Which One To Buy?

Mi Band 4 vs Honor Band 5 Full Comparison | Which One To Buy?

following the launch of the mi band 4 WoW is subsidiary owner also announced an update for its popular on a band the honor band 5 builds upon the success of the band for from last year and includes a couple of cool new features including NFC and a spo2 tracker that can check your blood oxygen levels in real-time so if you’re in the market for a new fitness tracker and aren’t entirely sure which one of these to go with then you have come to the right place.

 we’ll be taking a close look at both mi band 4 and on a band 5 to find out which one offers the most bang for your buck so let’s get right to it shall we  first let’s talk about the design much like the honor band for the band 5 has a rectangular dial with color AMOLED screen taking center stage along with a single touch capacitive button right under it on the other hand the mi band 4 has a more rounded dial with a similar-sized color AMOLED display and a touch capacitive button underneath’

both the bands have a durable TPU elastic strap but they have a different locking mechanism as you can see the honor band 5 goes with a watch-style approach while the mi band 4 has a more modern button style locking mechanism in my testing I found that the watch style strap on the band 5 holds up better than the other and offers a more reassuring grip on my wrist

Mi Band 4 vs Honor Band 5 Full Comparison | Which One To Buy?

now let’s take a look at the displays of the boot records unlike previous iterations of the mi band which offered a monochrome display the me band 4 packs in a 0.9 5 inch AMOLED color touchscreen that looks a whole lot better now the display on the honor band 5 is pretty much the same both of them can get quite bright and outdoor visibility is also pretty decent I have absolutely no complaints about the display on either device but I did notice that the screen on the mi band 4 is a bit finicky in my tests I noted that the mi band 4 sometimes didn’t register the touch input at all and I had to tap on the display multiple times to make a selection I didn’t face any such issues with the honor band 5 with a colorful display on both bands you also get access to a bunch of cool watch faces but thanks to the third-party app support for the mi band you will get a far larger selection then honors 8 watch faces and now the major upgrade to the mi band comes in the form of a larger 135 MH battery which is rated to last 20 days on a single charge even with the new color display

on the other hand the honor band 5 packs in the same hundred mAh battery from its predecessor which is rated to last up to 15 days on a single charge so if good battery backup is one of your top priorities you already have a clear winner as far as charging the bands is concerned I prefer honest approach as it doesn’t require me to pop the tracker out of the strap to use the charger the mi min doesn’t fit on its charger until you remove the strap which is definitely kinda inconvenient.

 enough about the hardware now take a look at what both these vans have to offer in terms of software features both the trackers offer pretty much the same set of basic features including a pedometer a heart rate sensor notification support alarm clock and the other such kinds of features but compared to the previous generation the mi band 4 comes with a couple of new features, for instance, the mi meant for now packs in a new activity sensor which can not only identify different types of activities but also differentiate between swimming styles this helps the band deliver more accurate readings to those of you who want to bake it for swim the honor band 5 has also received significant upgrades over its predecessor including an improved sensor for activity tracking and heart rate monitoring plus there’s new blood oxygen level monitor as I mentioned earlier other than the 8 sports tracking modes the band 5 also packs into obvious true sleep on a drink program that can track your sleeping pattern and help diagnose common sleep disorders you can see a detailed overview of your sleeping pattern in the companion app.

 and it even recommends ways in which you can improve your sleep cycle and while the mi band 4 also features sleep tracking it can only tell you the duration of deep sleep and light sleep with no extra information on top of all that you can use the on a band to crack your sleep all throughout the day while the mi band can only do it at night the honor band 5 really shines when it comes to real-time tracking as it offers a continuous heartrate monitor that can keep a check on your heart rate at all times the heart rate tracker on the mi band doesn’t include support for continuous real-time tracking and it can only measure your heart rate at specific intervals

when it comes to the results both bands provide almost accurate results but if you look at the sheer number of features you get on a band 5 is the clear winner here so now that we have got all the features are of the way it’s time for a final verdict the owner band 5 is a great buy for anyone looking to jump into the world of fitness trackers it offers a decent design a great selection of features and a pretty competitive price point in comparison the meal and four foods are better battery life support for more watch faces since design preferences more or less subjective it all boils down to the battery life and feature set offered by the two bands for the best battery life the mi band force should be a go-to choice but if you want the maximum number of feet then on a band five will be your best

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