Nothing Phone (1) Android 14 update released as Nothing OS 2.5 Open Beta: Features, how to download

Nothing OS 2.5 Features and Improvements


  • A dedicated section within Settings Customize both lockscreen and homescreen wallpaper,
  • atmosphere wallpaper effect Provides a seamless transition effect between lockscreen and homescreen.
  • you can also set solid colors as wallpaper Or go all black and white with this monochrome color options,


  • You can map different functionalities double power button press gesture By going to Settings > System > Gestures.
  • You can set Do Not Disturb, Mute, QR Code Scanner and Video Camera as lockscreen shortcut,
  • A You can take a screenshot by swiping with 3 fingers Now on Nothing OS 2.5. Screenshots can be easily edited or deleted, thanks New screenshot editor and menu,


  • there is a new pedometer widget Tracking step counts, analyzing and setting goals.
  • media player widget Lets you control music playback on the go.
  • You can keep track of your mobile consumption from new screen time widget And try to reduce its use.

new reforms

  • there is a new Glyph animation when using NFC,
  • nothing has changed Flip-to-glyph experience for better.
  • Weather app and weather warning notifications Has been optimized.
  • The previous gesture arrow now matches the Nothing UI theme.
  • you can now Set call ringtone and notification tone separately With updated volume control UI.
  • quick settings layout Now shows more device icons.
  • Camera app and overall system Should work more stably.

All these features are interesting but since this is a beta update, you should proceed with caution. Well, if you want to test it anyway, here's how you'd do so:

How to Download Nothing OS 2.5 on Nothing Phone (1)

Before proceeding, make sure that the device data is backed up somewhere safe or it is not your daily driver. It is also important that if you decide to rollback to the stable version, the device will be factory reset. Also, make sure you have the latest Nothing OS version (before v2.5) installed on your device.

nothing os 2.5

step 1: download Nothing OS 2.5 APK Nothing called offline OTA updates (provided on). Nothing Community Page) In your phone's internal storage.

step 2: Go nothing phone (1)'S Settings > System > Update to Beta Version,

step 3: tap on “check new version“Setting up to continue.

The device may reboot during this process. Once it finally boots to the lockscreen, unlock it, and you'll have Nothing OS 2.5 on the Nothing Phone (1).

nothing phone 1 video

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