Nothing Phone (2A) vs Nothing Phone (2) performance comparison: How does the affordable version compare? ,

Nothing Phone 2a vs Nothing Phone 2Nothing Phone 2a vs Nothing Phone 2

The Nothing Phone (2A) has been officially released and it comes with good hardware and features at an aggressive price. The device is billed as an affordable version of the Nothing Phone (2), with some key differences, such as a MediaTek chipset, no wireless charging, and fewer “glyphs” on the rear panel. We will compare the performance between Nothing Phone (2A) (review and nothing phone (2) ,Review) to assess the performance difference between the affordable variant and the flagship smartphone.

smart fone Nothing Phone (2A) nothing phone (2)
processor MediaTek Dimensity 7200 Pro Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Generation 1
gpu ARM Mali-G610 MC4 Qualcomm Adreno 730


The first test on the list is the Geekbench benchmark. The Nothing phone (2) takes a significant lead over the phone (2a) in both single-core and multi-core tests. This is thanks to the powerful Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, which powered many flagship smartphones in 2022.

Nothing Phone 2a vs Nothing Phone 2 Geekbench
Nothing Phone (2A) (L) and Phone (2) (R)
Nothing Phone (2A) nothing phone (2)
Single-core score: 1068 Single-core score: 1739
Multi-core score: 2454 Multi-core score: 4261


In AnTuTu benchmarks, the Nothing Phone (2) once again outperforms the Phone (2a), with significantly higher scores across the board. This indicates that the Nothing Phone (2) is better equipped to handle heavy graphical tasks like gaming and editing, and offers increased memory speeds in terms of RAM processing and storage write/read speeds.

Nothing Phone 2a vs Nothing Phone 2 AnTuTu
Nothing Phone (2A) (L) and Phone (2) (R)
Nothing Phone (2A) nothing phone (2)
AnTuTu Score: 7,07,480 AnTuTu Score: 10,69,335

cpu throttle

Next, we set both smartphones to run at 50 threads for 30 minutes using the CPU Throttle app to evaluate their peak performance output. Both devices faced challenges maintaining peak performance under stress, with the Nothing Phone (2A) limited to 69 percent of its maximum performance output. Surprisingly, phone (2) performed even worse, with its maximum performance output dropping to 62 percent. In this test, the Nothing Phone (2A) emerged as the winner.

Nothing Phone 2a vs Nothing Phone 2 throttle
Nothing Phone (2A) (L) and Phone (2) (R)
Nothing Phone (2A) nothing phone (2)
69 percent throttle 62 percent throttle

gaming test

The last test on the list is the Gaming Test. We ran BGMI set at HDR resolution and Ultra frame rate settings on both smartphones. Gameplay looked great on both devices, with good colors and adequate sharpness. However, phone (2) loads items faster than phone (2A), thanks to its more powerful processor.

Nothing Phone 2a BGMI Nothing Phone 2 BGMI

The Nothing Phone (2) ultimately emerges as the better gaming device, offering a smooth gameplay experience at 60FPS without any noticeable frame drops or lag. While the phone (2a) also performs well and manages to maintain gameplay at 60FPS, it does experience some stuttering, which can potentially hinder the gaming experience.


  • When we talk about performance the Nothing Phone (2) clearly beats the Phone (2A). The result is not surprising, considering that the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 is a better chipset than the MediaTek Dimensity 7200 Pro.
  • The Nothing Phone (2) usually sells for Rs 36,999 in India at the time of writing and is a decent smartphone that performs well in all key metrics.
  • The Nothing Phone (2A) is an impressive smartphone considering its price. It offers good performance, the same set of rear cameras as the Nothing phone (2), a unique design, great battery backup, and a stock Android experience with NothingOS 2.5.
  • If you are on a budget and looking for an affordable smartphone under Rs 25,000, the Nothing Phone (2A) is an attractive option.

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