OnePlus 12, OnePlus Open get Android 15 beta 1 update: Download link, how to install

Things to know about Android 15 beta update

  • oneplus OnePlus has launched two new OxygenOS builds called MP and OBT, with MP denoting the “stable official version” and OBT denoting the “open beta version”.
  • This release is intended for app developers and early adopters developing apps and software experiences in the OxygenOS community.

NOTE: THE UPDATE HAS SOME known aspects And this will erase all the data. So if you haven't already backed up your device before updating, back it up. You are not advised to update this on your primary device, and/or if you do not have prior experience flashing ROMs.

  • in the matter of oneplus 12, make sure its battery level is above 30 percent and it has at least 4GB of storage. OnePlus 12 TMO/VZW versions are not compatible. Please ensure that the device is running on version before flashing this build.
  • For this oneplus openThe device must be running at least v14.0.0.702 to support the new update.
OnePlus 12, OnePlus Open Android 15 Beta 1

How to install updates

India and Europe

step 1: First download the ROM upgrade zip file. Links are given below.

step 2: Place the downloaded ROM file into the phone's internal storage.

step 3: Settings -> About device -> Version -> Enable developer mode by clicking 7 times on build number and enter the password.

step 4: Follow these steps: Go to Settings > About device > Up to date > Click on the top right button > Local install > Click on the corresponding installation package > Extract > Upgrade > System upgrade until 100% completed.

The device will boot as part of the update process. Once this is done, the lockscreen will appear. This means that the update is successful. Open OxygenOS Settings and check the software version.

North America

step 1: First download the ROM upgrade zip file from the specified server.

step 2: Place the upgrade package file in the phone storage.

step 3: install this apk file on your phone.

step 4: Press Update. Next, open the app > tap on the top right gear icon > find the upgrade package and tap on it > wait for the installation to finish > tap on Reboot.

The device will restart as part of the process. Once this is done, the lockscreen appears. Unlock the device and check the software version in OxygenOS Settings.

OnePlus 12, OnePlus Open Android 15 Beta 1 Update Download

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