Pixel Fold 2 will reportedly not have the Tensor G3 chipset but will have more RAM

Pixel Fold 2 may have Tensor G4 chipset

  • according to a report Android Authority, citing sources, said that Google's next foldable could be powered by the Tensor G4 chipset.
  • The foldable is rumored to skip a generation chipset and go straight to the Tensor G4 SoC.
  • Google's current flagship, the Pixel 8 series is powered by the Tensor G3 SoC.
  • The Google Tensor G4 chipset is expected to power the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro.
  • The report says that the Pixel Fold 2 has been tested internally for the past few months.
  • The first prototype of the foldable featured Google's Tensor G3 chipset codenamed 'zuma', but recent prototypes have shifted to the Tensor G4 chipset, codenamed 'zumapro'.
  • Apart from the chipset, the report citing sources said that there are some prototypes of Pixel Fold 2 with 16GB LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB UFS 4.0 storage.
  • Last year's Pixel Fold had 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage
  • Finally, the report says that the Pixel Fold 2 is at the beginning of the Engineering Validation Test (EVT) phase and there are still many iterations to go before mass production (MP).

This is not the first time that Google is upgrading the chipset during its testing. To recall, Google's first tablet, the Pixel tablet, initially had a Tensor G1 chipset during testing, but the commercial version ended up shipping with Google's second-generation G2 SoC. The tablet's codename was changed during development to reflect this. It was changed from “Tangore” to “TangorePro”. There is a possibility that the same may happen with Pixel Fold 2.

If Google is indeed determined to put the latest G4 SoC on the Pixel Fold 2, the launch timeline of the foldable may also change. This is considering that Google usually reserves the new Tensor chipset for its hardware event in October when new Pixel phones launch. To recall, the original Google Pixel Fold was announced during the Google I/O 2023 event in May with the Tensor G2 and the Pixel 8 series debuted in October with the Tensor G3 chipset.

The Google Tensor G4 is expected to have ARM Cortex-X4, A720, and A520 CPU cores. The chipset is rumored to be manufactured by Samsung. Google may switch to TSMC for Tensor G5 in 2025.

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