Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra vs iPhone 15 Pro Max: Which lasts longer in extreme battery test?

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra battery test results

model runtime (hours)
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra at 11:00
iPhone 15 Pro Max 10:20
google pixel 8 pro 10:00
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 08:10
  • In this test conducted by YouTuber XEETCHARGE, we tested various long and short format videos,
  • About 8 hours 10 minutes mark Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (with 5,000mAh battery) closed first. In this way he gets the last place.
  • Next, around 10 hoursThe google pixel 8 pro (with a 5,050mAh battery). Keep in mind that it has the largest battery among the four.

  • with iPhone 15 Pro Max The 4,441mAh battery was the next to drain 10 hours 20 minutes, So, even though it has a smaller battery than the rest, it lasted long enough to make it the device with the second best battery life among the rest.
  • Ultimately, the winner of the race is Galaxy S24 Ultra that almost touched 11 hours Mark. As already mentioned, it has a 5,000mAh cell, the same as the S23 Ultra. So, perhaps the better battery life is thanks to an efficient Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset and software optimizations. According to SAMSUNGThe phone has a 20% more efficient CPU and can deliver 30 hours of video playback and 95 hours of music.
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
  • In terms of charging too, the S24 Ultra with the 45W wired adapter is said to be faster than the rest. The presence of 15W Qi wireless charging and 4.5W reverse wireless charging support should also be reassuring features.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series battery specs

Galaxy S24 Ultra Galaxy S24+ Galaxy S24
5,000mAh 4,900mAh 4,000mAh
45W wired charging 45W wired charging 25W wired charging

Going by the on-paper specs, the Galaxy S24+ shouldn’t lag far behind the Ultra and the vanilla S24 also has a bigger battery than its predecessor. We will have to wait for their battery tests to know how well they perform.

Correction: The timing was incorrectly specified for the Pixel 8 Pro and S23 Ultra. Now, corrected.

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