Save 500-600MB internet data per day by doing thees settings

Hello, friends welcome to our blog, in this article, we will tell you about how you can save your data from being wasted on your mobile phone. There are 3 important settings to save data on your mobile if you want to make this setting on your mobile If you do, then you can save 300-500 MB of data in a day.

1.Disable sync
First, you open the settings of your mobile, in the settings, you will have to find the option of sync, the sync you will find in different places in different phones, we will tell you in the fi screenshot that this sync option. If this sync option is auto-enabled, then you can turn it off, by turning it off, your mobile data can be saved from being wasted, if it is, then the application in which you have created your account in your mobile. Applications keep transferring data among themselves, during this transfer your data may get lost, so you should leave it off.

2. Turn off auto-update apps.
You open the Google Play store in your mobile, click on it above the three lines, after that, you will have to click on settings, After clicking on auto-updates You will see three options, you have to select the third option (don’t auto-update apps) By doing this, no application will be downloaded in your mobile without your permission. Because of this, your data can also be saved here.

3. Use a small application.
After doing both these settings, you have to download a small application Net guard, this app is only 2MB. After opening this application, you have to give some permissions to this application. this application, show you the list of all the applications installed on your mobile. In all these applications, which you do not use daily, They all have to close data permissions. By doing this, you can save 500 to 600 MB of data daily on your mobile.

After doing these three settings, you have to pay attention to all these things.

  • Whenever you use share it app on your mobile, do it off your data.
  • Go to settings of the hotspot and give it a password.
  • After watching online videos, do not run it on Bakgrand after closing it.

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