Seven gadgets that every student, high school students, college students should have in his backpack

Seven gadgets that every student, high school students, college students should have in his backpack, in his car that are just going to make your student life easier and more enjoyable let’s hop into it.

Bluetooth speaker
Number one is a Bluetooth speaker now as a kid when you’re hanging with your friends or your buds you just want to chill and listen to your playlists having a Bluetooth speaker is the best way to enjoy that whether it be at the beach, at school during lunch, After school, in the basketball court. That’s why having a wireless portable Bluetooth speaker can be so efficient and fun this one from our sponsor called the commuter is by far one of the best ones that Iveever tried it connects via Bluetooth to any device and it has a very powerful subwoofer that delivers a crisp and clean sound that can easily fill-out a room. The crazy thing is that for its small size it really delivers a punch this thing is super loud. Heres a quick example – a bose speaker which is almost triple the price got a condo in Manhattan(Music)It also can double as a speakerphone because it does have a microphone so you can take calls it has its own rechargeable battery on a single charge which it charges fast you can play music for up to eight hours. Its also waterproof which is great if you’re taking it to the pool with your friends or to the beach, and it features two touch buttons on the top of the speaker then it will allow you to control your music or back and forward or any playing track and also features two modes it has an indoor mode and an outdoor mode that feels almost as if it gets louder and more prominent ifYou guys want to check out this really cool speaker to get your back-to-school gear in check. Usually this thing retails for around two hundred bucks which honestly I think is well worth the prices comparable to the bose speaker, but I was able to reach out to the brand; negotiate a crane for you guys especially the guys that are going back to school but you guys are on a budget and get this thing well under 80 bucks. If you guys want to check it out

 MacBook Pro
the second gadget every guy doesn’t need is a good computer Now the one that I use that I I really like is the Macbook ProThis was with the touch bar the 15 inches one this is great if you do any photo editing or any stuff like that. It has a really powerful hard drive that really doesn’t lag. It’s fast does have several downsides though that I really do not like if you want to learn more about you can watch this video we did on GentsTech on all the bad things that the new MacBooks have on top of that, It’s very pricey so it does have its good features that its slim compact. You can carry anywhere. It’s light, It’s fast but it has a lot of negative features including a very high price point honestly you can get things for a fourth of the price of that one that is just as powerful and just as good. If you’re a student especially in college having a good powerful laptop is probably something you’re going to need to take notes research papers all that stuff is pretty much inessential. If you guys want to check out a list of really great laptops under 500 bucks again you could watch this other video on our GentsTech channel where we discussed that as well

your backpack
number three This is a little bit more style, but its still gear, your backpack. A backpack is essential You don’t want to be carrying all your books or your laptops and all these other essentials in your handsets just going to make things uncomfortable and way harder. Why not get yourself a stylish backpack that again makes you look stylish and also facilitates the carry of all your essentials

an External Battery Pack
Number four, this is essential. I wish I had these back when I was in high school, an External Battery Pack. Now come on you guys aren’t going to fool anyone most of you guys if you’re in High school or college, you’re probably on your phone all the time and your phone just ends up dying up now back in my time which is not too long ago in high school or in college most guys including myself carry an extra cable and look for an outlet every time my phone was about to die. This is why now looking back carrying an external battery pack especially as a student this is a must the one that I carry all the time now is from a company called Tyl or T-Y-L-T is very slim very modern which well this is why I like it. You can throw it in any bag and it won’t add extra bulk, but the best part about itIs that its an all-in-one. So you don’t have to be carrying around a cable to charge it this battery pack already comes with the cable to charge your phone immediately

a water bottle
number five is more for the guys that are into fitness and you’re still going to school if you’re into the health you know how much drinking water is important I always used to carry a water bottle. This is a must for all guys the one that I carry now even though I’m not in school this Adidas one. I think this is that intercooler one with double-walled aluminum hats cool about this one that it’ll keep your drinks refreshed all day, so its going to be cool all day, and it doesn’t sweat outside that’s the one that I usually recommend for guys to have I really like the matte black design of this oneIm

number six let’s cover headphones now for the time that you are going to be listening to music by yourself obviously a good pair of headphones is important. The ones that I use all the time to work out and just regularly are the apple Air-Pods. I just like them because they sync them to my computer and my phone seamlessly if you’re an Android obviously that’s probably not a good option, but for Apple users. I think it is a good way to go there very compact. I like that. There’s no wiresTheyre superundetectableSo you can be listening to music or taking calls or whatever and most people won’t even notice. Finally

number seven this is more For my college students if you’re in college and You have your own dorm or you’re living in your own apartment getting something like the google Chrome is super important this thing like Thirty bucks won’t break the bank and its a streaming device so you plug it into your tv and you can stream directly from your phone so all the youtube videos that you watch your Hulu your NetflixYou can stream it to your TV. Alright boys so that’s it for today video those are seven back to school gadgets that I think every high school and college student needs 

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