Snokor iRocker Gods Earphone Launched In India!specification, pricing and availability

There are plenty of different types of earphones available in the tech sector. Many companies have already introduced their different types of earphones. This includes Infinix’s brand of Snokor earphones.

Infinix’s Snokor has just released a new pair of Truly Wireless Earphones in its iRocker series. These earphones have a newer trunk design.

Snokor iRocker Gods Earphone


Snokor has just released its new iRocker Gods earphone. This new earphone features a charging case inspired by Apple AirPods. This is the second Truly Wireless pair of the iRocker series.

The Snokor company had previously introduced irocker sticks. The earphone will now be available in a white color option. Read the rest of this article on Annodan’s What’s Special about this earphone.

 iRocker Gods earphone By Snokor

The iRocker Gods Earphone, introduced by Snokor, comes with 13mm dynamic audio drivers with bass boost. The earbuds weigh 4.2 grams and can be controlled separately. The pair also supports the earphone Bluetooth V 5.0. It can also be connected to a compatible device by turning the case open.

iRocker Gods Earphone Earphone

The earphone was designed to meet the needs of today’s youth. It has a trunk design and will fit the user’s ear. The earphone has an IPX 5 rating and sweat and water splash proof system. The earphone also features a dedicated low-latency mode for gaming. It will also support Google Assistant and Apple Siri voice commands.

Snokor iRocker Gods Earphone

iRocker Gods Earphone Battery

The iRocker Gods earphone is said to have a touch-controlled earbud 35mAh capacity battery that delivers up to four hours of playback. It has a 500mAh capacity battery packup with a charging case. It can add up to 18 hours. Infinix claims that Snokor iRocker Gods can be fully charged in two hours.

iRocker Gods Earphone pricing and availability

The earphone is priced at Rs 1,999 in India. It will be available through Amazon and Flipkart for Rs. 1,499.. Also, these iRocker Gods will be available on Flipkart starting October 15.

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