SONY WH-H910N Headphone Exclusive feachers and price

                                 SONY WH-H910N Headphone

Nowadays, smartphones are on everyone’s hands. But as with earlier smartphones, there is no earphone or headphone. Instead, the headphones of many companies that have a variety of features to suit smartphones are now available in the market, and smartphone lovers buy their own headphones. Sony has also introduced a number of headphones and now launches the new headphone in the Indian market.

The popular Sony company has released the new WH-H910N Wireless Noise Cancellation Headphones in the Indian market. The company has partnered with Flipkart for the online exclusive sale of these headphones. Customers can now buy headphones on e-commerce site Flipkart for Rs 21,990.

SONY WH-H910N Headphone

WH-H910N Headphone Exclusive

The WH-H910N Wireless Noiseless Headphone features Dual Noise Sensor technology that enables you to focus on music. It also makes us hear the noise of our surroundings. For this reason, you will get an effective music experience with this headphone. Also, there is a Quick Attention mode to compensate for the volume. This allows you to adjust the volume as you want.
The Sony WH-H910N Wireless Noiseless Headphone is powered by powerful 25mm audio drivers, which are great for controlling sound pressure. It also comes with touch sensors that allow you to control your headphones. It also lets you enable Google Assistant and Siri Application to control the music, answering phone calls.

SONY WH-H910N Headphone


Sony’s new headphones are well-designed and designed to suit today’s youth. Designed to suit the ears of the consumer, good music can be heard. Also, these headphones are sweat-resistant and have a good sound system. These headphones have a touch sensor that can answer calls by touch.

Battery and price

The Sony WH-H910N headphone has a battery pack of up to 35 hours of power. These headphones also support fast charging, offering up to 2.5 hours of music playback with 10 minutes of charging. It is currently priced at Rs 21,990 and can be purchased on the e-commerce site Flipkart.

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