Specifications and availability of Google Pixel 8a have been revealed in a new leak.

Specifications of Google Pixel 8a revealed

  • In a special report, Android Authority It is claimed that Google Pixel 8a will have an OLED display with 120Hz refresh rate, 1400 nits peak brightness and HDR support.
  • These numbers match those of the higher-end Pixel 8. In comparison, the Pixel 7a comes with just a 90Hz refresh rate display.
Pixel 8a renders1
  • The panel is sourced from two manufacturers, presumably BOE and Samsung.
  • Like the Pixel 8 series, the company can introduce DisplayPort feature in Google Pixel 8a.
  • The Google Pixel 8a will come with an upgraded Tensor G3 chipset compared to the Tensor G2 chip present on the Pixel 7a. The GPU has also been upgraded to Mali-G715.
  • However, like the Pixel 7a, Google may be using a slightly different version of the G3 than the Pixel 8 series.
  • While the silicon die inside the chip will be the same, the plastic package may be different. The regular G3 uses FOPLP (fan-out panel level packaging), and the Google Pixel 8a's G3 may use IPoP (integrated package on package).
  • It also brings a new Samsung Modem 5400, support for AV1 encoding, an upgraded TPU, and a new DSP for image processing.
  • As far as cameras are concerned, Google is expected to retain the same hardware as the Pixel 7a. This means we can see a 64MP Sony IMX787 and a 13MP ultra-wide-angle lens.
  • It may have a 13MP Sony IMX712 front camera.
  • Google may offer some processing improvements thanks to the new Tensor G3 processor.

Google Pixel 8a will have wide availability

With the Pixel 8a, Google may finally address the issue of widespread availability. The Pixel 7a was only available in 21 countries while Apple sells its devices in over 140 countries. According to the report, the Google Pixel 8a includes electronic warranty labels for the following regions: Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, and Romania.

The report notes that a similar listing was found for the Google Pixel 8 series ahead of the launch and it finally happened, so this is a pretty solid sign for potential market expansion.

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