This iPhone 15 Pro is inspired by the Apple Vision Pro and is priced at over Rs 6.5 lakh

iPhone 15 Pro series inspired by Apple Vision Pro

  • Caviar says this special edition is “designed for luxury connoisseurs who draw inspiration from iconic instruments and machines.” Caviar also launched the Samsung S24 Ultra inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck.
  • The Apple Vision Pro-themed iPhone 15 Pro features circular headset vents and orange accents running across the top of the device.
  • The bottom part of the design reflects the front design of the Vision Pro. One might not notice the resemblance at first, but if you're a fan of Apple's headsets, you'll probably notice the similarities.
  • The same design is also available on the iPhone 15 Pro so you can get either model. These two are also Apple's most powerful iPhones to date.
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Price of iPhone 15 Pro inspired by Caviar's Apple Vision Pro

Like other Caviar-designed iPhones, it also has a hefty price tag. The Apple Vision Pro-inspired iPhone 15 Pro has a starting price of $8,060, which is approximately Rs 6,68,000. So if you want an iPhone that goes with your Apple Vision Pro, you now have one.

It is part of Caviar's 'Future Collection' and also includes the Tesla Cybertruck-inspired Samsung S24 Ultra. The lineup also includes the iPhone 15 Pro series Emir Edition that has been designed taking inspiration from the private yacht of the Emir of Abu Dhabi and the second President of the UAE. Then there's the magnum iPhone 15 Pro series, which features Rolls-Royce Phantom design cues. The Skyline iPhone 15 Pro series is built with a design inspired by architect and designer Zaha Hadid.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Video

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