Tik Tok destroying app, firework entered in the India.


Tik Tok destroying app, firework entered in the India

The popular short video-making app Tik Tok has caused a huge craze in the country, and many are addicted to Tik Tok. In addition, Vigo Video and Like Socialgic Apps are also attracting users. But now India is offering another new app entry, which will reduce the Tik Tok weather.

Yes, the ‘Firework’ app is now coming up with a powerful fight for the Tik Tok app belonging to China-based Baitdance. Firework App was developed by Loop Now Technologies, a startup in California. FireWork app features support short videos almost like Tik Tok.
 Best smartphone market
India has the best smartphone market in the world and influences everyone. “It is exciting to be part of this revolution,” Vincent Yang, CEO of Firework app maker Loop Now Technologies, said in a statement. Firework App also allows for 30-second video.

 Short video making
Users can make videos on their smartphones in the Firework Short Video Making App. The options for shooting videos horizontally or longitudinally are available to users. Firework aims to make a big name in the country’s entertainment industry, and the company has many attractive features in the app.

 Sensor Tower
Tik Tok is the most downloaded app, according to Sensor Tower statistics, but TicketTalk has failed to reduce Facebook’s popularity. And now the Firework Short Video App will enter India to make a direct fight to Tik Tok. The app will support both Android and iOS platforms.

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