Tipster claims Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera photos will be 24MP instead of 12MP by default

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera upgrade (rumored)

  • 24MP Mode: According to the tipster Ahmed Quader on x, upcoming SAMSUNG The flagship phone can produce 24MP photos by default. If true, it would be a leap from the 12MP Click, not only in number of pixels but also in terms of quality. More specifically, 24MP photos can be more detailed than 12MP results. Meanwhile, there will not be much difference in size.
    Apple iPhone 15 Series 24MP Mode
  • Samsung appears to be following Apple which introduced 24MP default photos iPhone 15 series. However, Apple is pixel-binning the 48MP capture to a 24MP output, while Samsung can binning more pixels. Galaxy S24 Ultra Rumored to come with a 200MP sensor Galaxy S23 Ultra Was also 200MP camera and it offered both a full-fat 200MP click and a 50MP mode as an option in between. Let's see what Samsung does with the successor.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera features (expected)

  • Photo Remaster: Samsung may borrow this feature from the Galaxy Book 4 laptop. If it's similar in functionality, you can expect one-tap AI-based enhancements to photos. According to the tipster, when you click a photo on the S24 Ultra, you will be presented with three options: Portrait, Remaster, and Delete. The first one could be for adding a fake Bokeh effect and the middle one could be for one-tap enhancements.
  • ND Filter: Camera hobbyists, don't expect real Natural Density Filter Here from DSLR. Rather, it may be a software trick to control the exposure of the photo. This was already part of the S23 Ultra's feature set but was hidden in the “Expert RAW Labs” section.

Details are scant, but since the Galaxy S24 series is expected to launch next month, which is right around the corner, we should get more concrete details soon.

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