Top 7 Team Chat.(communication) Software

Hello everyone, today’s article we’re gonna be taking a look at the top 5 plus team communication tools out there Were not just gonna mention the regular ones that you know Were gonna mention a few other alternatives that might be good for you and your team to communicate. So without further ado, let’s roll into Now we’ve all seen team communication tools like slack and Microsoft teams as the tools that we typically go to When we are looking for some sort of team communication tool now traditionally.

team communication tools

These tools are normally focused on obviously real-time Communication but they’re also focused on two other aspects they include search so being able to search back Conversations and also the ability to integrate other popular applications your company already Uses now the tools that we will mention do come with a free plan but there is also unlimited which gives you that access to search that extends all the way back to when your companies started the account and also further integrations but well dives a little bit deeper into that also do bear in mind before jumping on a team communication tool that Project managers tend to include some sort of chat ability as well So you don’t necessarily have to have this separate service, but this is something to talk about with your team.

Facebook Workplace

The first one is Facebook Workplace and this one looks very similar to if you already have Facebook and you utilize the groups feature very relaxed as you can imagine works exactly like Facebook groups allowing you to post comments also post announcements updates to you and your team you can narrow your team down to specific departments, and you can also have good amounts of administrative abilitiesOrganizing your team. And what’s great is its also free for up to 50 members but there is a $4 per user per month charge after 50 members and Ill show the pricing on the screen so you need to know all about it but as you can imagine takes very little training for your employees to get started on it as they’ll already be using it and I believe the Facebook workspace protects your personal accounts that other people don’t necessarily jump into your personal lives that straight after being on their work to meet team communication tools Okay,

Microsoft teams

so number two and that is Microsoft teams. Now Mikes of the team has rocketed in the past few weeks it’s head up to 11 million extra users making it 44 million users in total using it and that’s normally because of its part of the Microsoft OfficeBusiness Premium Membership. So once you’re signed up to that, which is $12 50 per user per month your team is you can activate it at any time and that seems to be what is happening? A lot of Microsoft Office users are just activating it and getting started with utilizing the tool now. It doesn’t have any amazing features but it does have some great ones for video conferencing like blur background and a ton of file management abilities now include a few videos below from collaboration coach about Microsoft teams in helping you to get set up with that,


so number three and that is slacks get all the regular ones out the way it is. Probably the hippest and attractive looking of the applications and it does have one of the best sets of integrations. Its got this app directory that is so advanced everything from tight form to the fresh desk and everything in between it allows you to connect anything from sales to HR tools to goal tracking tools. It’s really quite advanced now naturally they do have a free plan but I believe their parade plan is eight dollars per user per month, which is a little bit steeper but you are paying for the search and also the ability to plug in more integrationsOk,


number four in that is the flock. Now. Some of you may have heard of the flock. It is a very clean-looking application and what a lot of people like about flock is it is very simple in terms of integration abilities compared to slack some people don’t necessarily need that layer but it also has some abilities like you being able to say tasks notes and also tracked progression for projects as well all built into it without any existing integrations needed you can also map your processes in this application and it is free with a$4 50 per user per month fee if you decide to get search and obviously naturally the Premium Package.

number five and that is twist now I use twist with Alice here at key productive The main reason behind that is because twist offers thread-based thirstAbilities. So for example instead of necessarily Real-time communication, although you can do that inside the application You can start this thread that is specific to a goal or certain tasks and you’re working on and that thread isO only for conversation based on that so you’re actually designing your real-time communication or asynchronous communication around Completing a certain activity or project Now I would say its one of the best experiences I’ve used. It has a really good mobile application and the desktop applications work really really well, and it’s almost like more values-driven as company dust is a fantastic company the crate to do is I’m a bit of a fanboy as you can tell but naturally, you can get it for free. And if you want to extend your plan, its gonna be five dollars per user per month Ok,

so if you’re much more relaxed, maybe you’re a bunch of developers Then discord might be a good solution for you It is a real-time communication tool and it does have some video chat abilities and it’s currently very popular with gamers They do have this nitro plus plan, which is $10 per user per month But as you can imagine its much more suited for the personal gamer that wants to take it to the next level But this cord is much more of a relaxed solution for you okay,

so our final recommendations to you guys are application called chantey Now we’ve seen this one about a couple of times it apparently bigs in some being able to give you suggestions on for example tasks and also it has more voice message and Voice notes you can leave other people and believe this is something that they wanted People to want inside of slack. So that one does offer a free plan and was also four dollars per user per month So folks as you can imagine it’s working out whether your team actually needs a team communication tool like slack or like most of the teams or the others we mentioned and Sometimes you can either bake that into your project manager or keep things more asynchronous through email but I think it’s moving away from the days of the necessary internal email being the focus and focusing all of your emails on just external effort so folks.

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