Vivo V30e vs OnePlus Nord CE4 camera comparison: Performance under Rs 30,000

Vivo V30e vs OnePlus Nord CE4 camera comparisonVivo V30e vs OnePlus Nord CE4 camera comparison

camera-centric Vivo V30e ,Review) goes up against the OnePlus Nord CE4, an all-rounder smartphone in the under Rs 30,000 segment. after comparing Display And Battery Smartphone demonstrations (be sure to check them out), now it's time to find out how their cameras stack up to each other. Both Vivo V30e and OnePlus Nord CE4 ,Review, It features a similar camera setup, except for the selfie camera. Here is a detailed examination of their camera configuration and performance in both daylight and low-light conditions.

Vivo V30e vs OnePlus Nord CE4 camera specs

Vivo V30e OnePlus Nord CE4
50MP AF + OIS primary camera 50MP OIS primary camera
8MP ultra-wide camera 8MP ultra-wide camera
50MP AF front camera 16MP front camera


Vivo V30e daylight 1 OnePlus Nord CE4 Daylight

Despite the oversaturated colors, daylight photos look more attractive on the Vivo V30e compared to the OnePlus Nord CE4. The color calibration on the OnePlus smartphone is also not perfect, but they appear less vibrant than its counterpart. said that, The Nord CE4 is better than the V30e in terms of detail and dynamic range. In particular, if you observe the tree on the right edge of the frame, you will notice that the Vivo smartphone loses details and appears blown out.

the winner: tie


Vivo V30e ultrawide OnePlus Nord CE4 ultrawide

The color science for the ultrawide is the same on both smartphones, as is the primary camera. Vivo V30e enhances colors for more likeable images. However, there is noticeable distortion throughout the frame. The OnePlus Nord CE4 outputs relatively clear images with minimal noise.

the winner: OnePlus Nord CE4


Vivo V30e Portrait OnePlus Nord CE4 portrait

Both the OnePlus Nord CE4 and Vivo V30e use calculation skills to capture portraits. Despite slight rotation around the edges of the subject, edge detection seems to be better on the OnePlus smartphone. In contrast, separating the foreground from the background seems to have an impact on the Vivo V30e. The image looks more contrasty and detailed on the OnePlus smartphone compared to its counterpart. Facial details have been slightly smoothed in the Vivo smartphone.

the winner: OnePlus Nord CE4


Vivo V30e front camera OnePlus Nord CE4 selfie

Despite the Vivo V30e being equipped with a larger 50MP selfie camera compared to the OnePlus Nord CE4's 16MP camera, facial details appear weaker. The handset overprocesses selfies, leading to loss of detail. In contrast, the OnePlus Nord CE4 delivers relatively faster results. However, both the smartphones display equally good skin tones. Edge detection with selfie portraits isn't as accurate as you'd expect on both smartphones.

the winner: OnePlus Nord CE4

night mode

Vivo V30e night mode OnePlus Nord CE4 night mode

In low light conditions, both smartphones switch to Night Mode to capture images with longer exposures, although an option to disable the mode would have been appreciated. In terms of results, the Vivo V30e appears to outperform the OnePlus Nord CE4 with minimal light glare and better details. However, the noise is quite evident on both smartphones.

the winner: Vivo V30e


After analyzing the camera performance of both the smartphones in different lighting conditions, Vivo V30e vs OnePlus Nord CE4 can be summarized as follows:

  • The Vivo smartphone impresses with its vibrant daytime photos and superior night mode performance.
  • Meanwhile, the OnePlus Nord CE4 shines with better details, dynamic range, and portrait mode accuracy.

So, the choice between the two smartphones depends on your preference.

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