Ways you should follow to increase WiFi and Internet speeds!

Ways you should follow to increase WiFi and Internet speeds!

Nowadays, the whole world is stricken by the coronavirus.  Due to Corona, most company employees work from home.  The Internet is the lifeline for all of us to work at this time.  The Internet is essential for obtaining information and news, not only for work but also for ordering essential items.  But when the internet is slow, there is nothing more annoying.  But following a few methods can increase the speed of the Internet.


There is nothing more annoying if the speed of the Internet is slow while you work.  This is because if the Internet is slowed down, video calling or facetime can be slowed down.  Also downloading online pages can be very slow.  But in the meantime, it is best to have a WiFi connection to increase your internet speed but read this article for information on how to increase the internet and WiFi and the important things you need to do to increase your internet speed at home.

 1. Select fast internet providers.

If you need to increase your internet speed, you should choose a telecom company that provides the best network in your local area.  Also, if you are not happy with the speed and data you are getting, you may want to switch to the current Internet service provider.  Also choose a company that offers better speed – a network with a choice of over 10mbps is the fastest by Indian standards.  Plus once you nullify the Internet service provider, choose a plan depending on your usage.  For most service providers, more than 500 to 1,500 projects will cover you if you are out to work online every day.

 2. Your devices must be connected to the correct networks.

 If you have multiple networks within your area of ​​work where you work, make sure your devices are connected to the right devices.  Also, public WiFi is usually slower so if you connect to one of your devices by default, your connection will be slower than usual.  Because open networks are usually slow, keep in mind also.

 3. Reconnect the Internet

 Once your device is connected to the WiFi connection of your laptop home, the Internet will slow down.  And instead of trying to connect you to another hotspot, it’s trying to connect to home WiFi.  In this case, it is best to reconnect the network.

 4. Close all applications

 Also, streaming applications such as Netflix or YouTube on your PC or laptop use a lot of bandwidth.  So if you are doing something that requires speed, keep streaming all the content until you are done.

 5. Change your WiFi passwords frequently.

 Changing your passwords too often will not make it possible for other foreign devices to access the ethernet connection.  Only you can get up to speed on the Internet and run faster.  It is better to set passwords that are more difficult.

 6. Restart your modem and router

 The router is a mini-computer that has a CPU, memory, local storage, and its own operating system.  So as you reboot the computer while it is running, you should do the same with your router.  For this, it is best to switch off and reconnect your router.

 7. Check the cables.

 Moreover, if you have loose connectors or punch wires on your modem or router, your Internet will slow down.  This will ensure that all your cables are in good condition and connected properly.

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