Announcing the Nothing Phone 2A Community Edition Project: Submission Rules for Special Edition Phones

Nothing Phone 2A Community Edition Project: What is it?

The Community Edition project is Nothing's initiative to create products with community members. For starters, they're inviting ideas for a custom edition phone (2A) (Review, This will include everything from product design to design Wallpaper, packagingAnd how will the new phone be? sold,

Carl says that perhaps in the future the community could contribute software code to Nothing OS or even collaborate on the creation of new products.

He admits that it could be an expensive endeavor, both in terms of money and effort, but he hopes it will attract a lot of creative minds.

Plus, Nothing community manager Rob explains how this thing will work.


Nothing Phone 2A Community Edition Project Submission Rules

  • When can you submit it: Rob says submissions are now being accepted.
  • Who can deposit: They are open to everyone, whether you are a new or old member of the community.
  • How to submit: Through this you can present your ideas in written form, sketch or video. dedicated page,
  • Four Steps: This process will involve 4 steps. Design in March, wallpaper in May, packaging in June and marketing campaign in July.
  • selection criteria: Your idea must be in line with the Nothing team. Your personality and work ethic should fit with the Nothing team. So, please tell us about yourself in your submission. Once the submission period ends, voting begins and they will be evaluated by an “Internal Nothing Panel”.
  • Duration: It will be extended for 6 months.

Further updates will be shared on the Nothing community page, so, if you participate, you will have the chance to work with the Nothing team and develop a new product with your name on it.

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