Cheapest Noise Air Earbuds Released!

Noise Air Earbuds

Noise Company is known for its variety of earphones in the earphone market. Noise has already introduced many different types of earbuds. It has just launched its new Truly Wireless Noise Air Buds. The Air Pods have a stem model and support for touch control, voice assistant access, and water resistance.

Noise Air Buds

Yes, the noisy company has launched its new Noise Air buds in India. It has a newer design and this case supports charging through the Type-C port. The Truly Wireless Earbuds now offer a 20-hour battery life.

The earbuds are now priced at Rs 2,499. Read on for the rest of this article on Annodan, what’s special about these earbuds.

Noise Air Buds Specifications

Noise Air buds have 13mm audio drivers that provide a balanced sound. Bluetooth 5.0 will support this earbuds connectivity, with a range of 10 meters. The earbuds also support SBC and AAC audio profiles. Also, Noise Air Buds is compatible with Android and iOS devices. In addition, you can get access to Siri and Google Assistant with Hands-Free Call, Touch Control, and Noise Air Buds.

Noise Earbuds design

The earbuds have a trunk-like design that will fit the ear’s ear. This makes it easy to play and stop music as it gives you the option of doing touch control. Touch control can also be used for call acceptance and call reduction. The earbuds are waterproof, and the IPX4 comes with a sweat-proof rating.

Noise Earbuds battery pickup and more

In addition, the two earbuds of these earbuds have separate mics for clear voice calls. In addition, the earbuds themselves have a 45mAh battery pickup which gives it four hours of playtime. These can be charged in about 1.2 hours. In addition, the charging case has a 500mAh battery and provides an additional 16 hours of playtime. The case takes two hours to charge via a USB Type-C port.

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