Google introduces new features in Google Translate!

If you need any information about Google Search Engine, remember it first. So much so that the search engine giant Google has dominated. It is also introducing new features to its users from time to time. Google has already introduced several new features to its users.

Yes, search engine giant Google has introduced new features in Google Translate for its users. Google Translate App on Android Devices has introduced the Transcript. Google CEO Sundar Pichai made the announcement on his Twitter handle, “Direct translation of one language into another language.”

Google introduces new features in Google Translate!

These new features also support your essay or speech or speech in 8 languages. Transcript Features will be available to you if you have the latest version of the Google Attractlet app on your Android phone. Google has released Pixel 4 with the Recorder app. This transcript features will make the user feel better.


Google has now announced the specifications of these features on its official Twitter blog. This means listening to a particular language of speech and then translating it into a different language. Google will support English, German, Hindi, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai and Russian in supported languages.

Google introduces new features in Google Translate!


To use the transcription features, you need to use the latest version of Google Translate. Also, the ‘Camera’ and ‘Dialog’ option gives you the option of ‘transcribing with’ options. After tapping the transcript you need to select the source and target language from the dropdown. Also, according to the blog, you can stop transcription by tapping the mic icon. It also allows you to see the original transcript, choose a dark theme and change the text size by going to the settings menu.

Google has just released its Recorder App for Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 xl. Later it was also available on older Pixel phones. Now, the Android device has been officially brought up as a ‘Transcript’ option. It will be available on all devices as stated in the blog post, which will be available on all devices in the near future.

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