Google Pixel 8 bug disables this basic camera feature

Google Pixel 8 camera bug

  • The issue here is related to a very basic feature which is available on all smartphones. Before taking a photo, you can tap any area in the viewfinder to adjust the lighting, and it will automatically brighten or darken the photo.
  • Turns out, this feature is not working at all on the Pixel 8, and that too in the default camera where the zoom is set to 1x. But it seems to work at other zoom levels and even in wide angle and video modes reddit thread,
pixel 8 camera bug
  • same issue Posted On Google's issue tracker forum. The bug appears to be affecting many users as seen in replies on both forums. on people android police Too tests It has occurred to many Pixel 8 units to find that the bug actually disables auto exposure.
  • The problem may only be in the viewfinder because the exposure in the captured photo has been adjusted as desired. But this can be frustrating if you're trying to get the perfect photo by adjusting it through the viewfinder.

Google has not yet addressed the issue, which appears to be a software bug on the Pixel 8. The response to the issue tracker complaint shows that it was not acknowledged, and the user will have to complain on other platforms. Since this is a very basic camera feature, Google is expected to release a software update with improvements to it soon.

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