HMD to launch three new phones, Nokia phones will also be available offline: Report

HMD, Nokia smartphone strategy details

  • according to a report By 91mobiles hindiHMD is set to unveil three phones under the HMD brand in the initial phase.
  • Among these, there will be an affordable model whose price will be between Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000.
  • There are no plans to launch phones priced above Rs 40,000 in India this year, the most expensive models will be priced under Rs 40,000.
  • The report mentions that HMD Global has the Nokia license until 2026, and as per the information received, the company will simultaneously release phones under both Nokia and HMD names, which will be available at various retail outlets.
  • Nokia phones coming in 2024 will be available exclusively offline, while HMD brand phones are set to be introduced online and in major retail stores.
  • Online and offline strategies will influence the pricing of HMD and Nokia phones, with HMD branded smartphones positioned as 'more value for money'.
  • Meanwhile, Nokia phones available offline may cost a little more.
  • According to the report, HMD is preparing to open an exclusive HMD service center along with the global phone launch.
  • The company has likely begun research in this direction, indicating a strategic approach to providing specialized service support for its products.

Recently, HMD Global made a notable change by changing the name of Nokia's social handles and website to Human Mobile Devices (HMD). It released a teaser video, reaffirming the brand's commitment to serving diverse market audiences. The video offered a glimpse of the upcoming products, which include smartphones, tablets, wireless earbuds, and more.

HMD phone

The brand's website has clearly outlined its previous intention to launch smartphones with features like fun, secure, fast and affordable. Highlighting its global reach, the brand boasts of presence in over 200 countries and a user base of over 400 million Nokia users since its acquisition in 2016.

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