Infinix 5 Band! features,price and release date

 Infinix 5 Band! features and release date

In the current tech world, the ever-so-loud Modo Electronics watches are also gaining ground in the advanced model. Similarly, Infinix has now set the stage for Infinix Band 5 to be launched in the domestic market. Released on December 3, it is estimated that the Infinix Band 5 will compete with the Mi Band 3i of xiaomi.


Yes, Infinix is ​​envisioning a Band 5 for xiaomi’s Mi Band 3i. The Yagaliro Infinix Band 5 is expected to be released in the Indian market on December 3. Usually, a band model will display a person’s movement speed, atmospheric density, and health indications on the display. Come on let’s see what features are in Infinix Band 5

Infinix Band 5 Display

The Infinix Band 5 device has a 0.96-inch color IPS display. It features Infinix Band 5 different color IPS display to show you the differences in health-related bodies. As well as allowing you to review statistics and app notifications.

 Infinix 5 Band! features and release date

Special Features

Some of the applications in Infinix Band 5 can be used to measure the health of the body. It is said that the band 5 has a heart rate sensor which provides 24×7 heart rate quoting information. Also, Infinix is ​​certified by IP67 and is waterproof.

Battery and other

The Infinix Band 5 device is said to charge up to 20 days of battery life once charged. The long-awaited band will be available in black, blue and red options. The device will be directly competing with the xiaomi Mi Band 3i at the battery point.

Pricing and Availability

Infinix Band 5 is available in India at Rs 1799. It will go on sale on Flipkart starting December 3. It also transfers information to smartphones through the Infinix Life 2.0 app. Pair with compatible phones

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