MWC 2024: Motorola and Samsung show off unique foldable phones

samsung foldable phone

  • At MWC 2024, Samsung introduced a bar-style phone that can be folded and worn on the wrist. The company is calling it 'cling band'.
  • The phone has a flexible OLED screen and can be used as a smartphone or smartwatch.
  • In its full form, the candy bar design looks like any other smartphone but with a thinner form factor. There is no bezel on the front.
  • We see a camera module on the back along with a heart rate monitor. USB Type-C port and loudspeaker are present at the bottom.
  • There is a groove-like structure to support the flexible screen when the phone is bent.
  • The phone in its folded shape looks like a dome under the bridge. The heart rate sensor on the back panel can track heart rate and other health metrics when turned on.

That said, it's in the concept stage at the moment and is only intended to demonstrate the flexibility of OLED screens from Samsung's display division. Additionally, the company also showcased other concepts, including a small circular screen on top of wireless headphones and a charging case for TWS earbuds. It shows charging level, media being played, equalizer, audio mode and other information.

Motorola foldable phone

Motorola unveiled its own version of the foldable phone at MWC 2024. The adaptive display on the phone can obviously fold into different forms to meet different user needs. One of them is the ability to wrap around the wrist. Motorola says this first mode can be paired with one of its AI-powered outfit-matching wallpapers.

We get a 6.9-inch pOLED screen and the Adaptive Display can fold the top half up and it creates a curved 4.6-inch screen on your wrist. This makes it perfect for scrolling social feeds or video calls. Tent mode comes in handy if you want to watch videos on a smaller screen.

The back panel of the phone is covered with fabric for better fit on the hands. But similar to Samsung, the Motorola phone is still a concept model and we'll never know if the company will ever have a working commercial model of the phone, but we'll wait and see.

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