Samsung Galaxy A55 vs OnePlus 12R camera comparison: Better mid-range shooter? ,

samsung Galaxy A55 vs OnePlus 12R camera comparisonsamsung Galaxy A55 vs OnePlus 12R camera comparison

Samsung Galaxy A55 ,Review) is a capable mid-range smartphone with a promising camera setup. It delivers impressive images in a variety of lighting scenarios. However, is it really the best in its class? We aim to answer this in this Samsung Galaxy A55 vs oneplus 12r ,Review) Camera comparison. The base variants of both the smartphones are priced under Rs 40,000 in India and are equipped with 50MP OIS triple rear camera setup. Here are the camera specifications of the smartphones, followed by a comparison of their shooting capabilities in various scenarios.

Samsung Galaxy A55 oneplus 12r
50MP OIS main sensor 50MP OIS main sensor
12MP ultrawide lens 8MP ultrawide lens
5MP macro unit 2MP macro unit
32MP selfie camera 16MP selfie camera


Samsung Galaxy A55 daylight OnePlus 12R daylight

These photos in daylight have been captured using the 50MP primary camera on both the smartphones with their default settings. The handsets output 12.5MP resolution images with a little HDR processing. Although the details look equally good on both smartphones, it is the color science that makes all the difference. The OnePlus 12R saturates colors more, giving images a more vibrant look. hHowever, the Samsung Galaxy A55 shines in dynamic range and relatively sharp detail, thanks to color calibration that closely mirrors reality.

the winner: Samsung Galaxy A55


Samsung Galaxy A55 ultrawide OnePlus 12R ultrawide

The color science of the Samsung Galaxy A55 and OnePlus 12R is aligned with their respective primary cameras. While the OnePlus 12R leans towards vibrancy with cool tones, the Samsung smartphone maintains a more natural aesthetic with warm tones. The Galaxy A55 benefits from a wider field of view (FoV) and higher-resolution 12MP lens compared to its rival's 8MP.

the winner: Samsung Galaxy A55


Samsung Galaxy A55 macro OnePlus 12R macro

the winner: tie


Samsung Galaxy A55 portrait OnePlus 12R portrait

Both the Samsung Galaxy A55 and OnePlus 12R use computational skills to separate the foreground from the background for portrait images. Edge detection looks pretty clean on both smartphones, with slight variations here and there. However, as is noticeable in the images (above), the OnePlus 12R overexposed the shot, destroying shadows and small details. The Samsung Galaxy A55 keeps things natural with good facial detail.

the winner: Samsung Galaxy A55


Samsung Galaxy A55 selfie 1 OnePlus 12R selfie 1

Samsung Galaxy A55 also seems to be doing better in terms of selfies. Its 32MP front-facing camera outputs photos with better facial details than the OnePlus 12R's 16MP selfie shooter in well-lit environments. Skin tones captured by Samsung smartphones are also more realistic and accurate. thThat doesn't mean the OnePlus 12R selfies lack charm. They boast lively tones that may appeal to social media users. But, for better information, we are giving this round to Samsung Galaxy A55 smartphone.

the winner: Samsung Galaxy A55

low light

Samsung Galaxy A55 lowlight 1 OnePlus 12R lowlight

The OnePlus 12R performs better than its counterpart in low-light conditions, delivering images with more visual appeal. Its vibrant colors lend a slightly dramatic quality to photos, which contrasts with the more subdued, natural tones of the Samsung Galaxy A55. The OnePlus smartphone appears to be handling light flare relatively well, which may be due to its ability to capture images in low light with long exposure modes even without Night Mode.

the winner: oneplus 12r

night mode

Samsung Galaxy A55 night mode OnePlus 12R night mode

the winner: Samsung Galaxy A55


Both the Samsung Galaxy A55 and OnePlus 12R showcase impressive shooting capabilities in a variety of scenarios. However, the Samsung smartphone managed to surpass its rival OnePlus 12R in all departments except low light. The handset excels in daylight and portrait photography with its superior color accuracy, dynamic range and natural rendering.

In contrast, the OnePlus 12R performs well in low-light conditions and delivers vibrant colors. If that's what you want, the handset will be a good buy. However, for users looking for a good camera experience in the mid-range segment, the Samsung Galaxy A55 proves to be a better option.

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