ZOOOK Studio Solo Soundbar Review: Suits Budget Conscious Audience

                                  ZOOOK Studio Solo Soundbar Review: Suits Budget Conscious Audience

Technology advances brush shoulders with smartphone technologies.  Smart TVs and wireless audio products are catching up on entertainment around the world.  We have smartphone brands in the audio and smart TV industry.  And many international brands are catering to the Indian market in various segments.

  ZOOOK is one such brand that continuously releases new wireless audio products in the country.  The latest entry in the category is the Studio Solo LED Sound Bar.  The Bluetooth Soundbar is another addition to the company’s budget audio products line.

  It comes with a built-in sub-woofer and is designed to complement the smart audio-visual experience in your room.  The soundbar is priced at Rs.  Available on Amazon with 3,500 online and a single black color option.  In this article, we are breaking it down for you to consider it or not for your Android TV.

ZOOOK Studio Solo Soundbar Review: Suits Budget Conscious Audience

  ZOOOK Studio Solo LED Soundbar: Box Contents

  1. O Took Studio Solo Soundbar

  2. A power adapter

  3. An aux cable

  4. User’s Manual

  ZOOOK Studio Solo LED Soundbar: Design

  ZOOOK Studio Solo is a horizontal soundbar with an LED strip at the bottom.  The company used ABS plastic materials to design the device.  The speaker grill at the top gives a sneak peek at the internals.  It weighs about 1.1 kg but feels light when you take it.

  On the bottom, the company used foam material instead of rubber grips.  These may not have a longer shelf run.  Also, the LED has consistent lighting effects and there is no way of tweaking the models.  App support is appreciated for this.

  It shines with random effects when in pairing mode.  There are some manual controls on the device, including the power key, Bluetooth pairing key, volume, and play/pause button.  The keys are a little harder to click.  Overall, the design here is decent and sits well with every background.

 ZOOOK Studio Solo LED Soundbar: Audio Display

  Let us first look at the spec sheet.  The company does not mention driver details, but SoundBar produces 50W.  It offers a frequency response range of 90Hz- 20KHz and a sensitivity range of 82 dB ± 3dB.

  The output delivered is not too loud but is enough to fill a small room.  Don’t expect a wide soundstage, as the audio is up to 50 percent and outperforms the triple bass.  You need to rotate it to the max to feel the thumb.

  There’s not much to it, but that’s okay considering the affordable price it carries.  The audio is on the shrill side;  Again, when the volume is not at its peak.  One thing you’ll want here is the presence of noise cancellation that allows for fuzzy open audio.

  Speaking of which, audio muffling isn’t something you come across very often (in flamboyant settings).  With music playback, you will be satisfied with its performance.  For movies, especially those that play on OTT platforms, you lose loud .put.  You may want to move the soundbar closer to listening to conversations.

ZOOOK Studio Solo Soundbar Review: Suits Budget Conscious Audience

  ZOOOK Studio solo LED soundbar: connection options

  Bluetooth 5.0 is implemented for wireless connectivity in the ZOOOK Studio Solo LED soundbar.  I was able to pair the unit with smart TV and Android smartphones.  There is a dedicated Bluetooth pairing key that makes it easy to pair with any Bluetooth supported device.

  It has a connectivity range of 10 meters, beyond which you will experience connectivity issues such as audio breakage and intermediate audio.  A multi-device connection is not supported here.  In addition to wireless connectivity, the soundbar also comes with aux-in support.  You can find it with the power-in port and the USB port on the back.  Also, you can play audio files through a USB port.

ZOOOK Studio Solo Soundbar Review: Suits Budget Conscious Audience

  ZOOOK Studio Solo LED Soundbar: Should You Buy?

  ZOOOK Studio LED Soundbar is a decent performer when it comes to audio.  Its strategic price is Rs.  3,500 Rs.  At this price, there are other options, but you may have to deal with an external sub-woofer.

  The built-in subwoofer in Studio Solo helps to reserve minimal space.  It can easily sit on a table and you can carry it without any worries.  The low cost plus portability factor is why you should choose this soundbar.


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