Realme P1 Pro vs Nothing Phone (2a) Battery Comparison: Which Phone Offers Better Battery Life?

Realme P1 Pro vs Nothing Phone 2a battery comparisonRealme P1 Pro vs Nothing Phone 2a battery comparison

realme p1 pro And Nothing Phone (2A) The sub-Rs 25,000 range represents some of the more popular smartphone options. we have already done performance comparison So let's now compare the battery performance of both to find the smartphone that gives better battery life.

Here are the battery specifications of both smartphones:

realme p1 pro Nothing Phone (2A)
5,000mAh battery, 45W fast charging support 5,000mAh battery, 45W fast charging support

pcmark test

The PCMark benchmark test evaluates the time it takes for a smartphone's battery to go from 100 percent to below 20 percent. We set the brightness of the smartphone to 80 percent before starting the benchmark testing.

Realme P1 Pro vs Nothing Phone 2a PCMark

The Realme P1 Pro recorded a time of 12 hours 24 minutes in the test, while the phone (2a) recorded a time of 14 hours 13 minutes. The results show that the Nothing phone (2A) should provide comparatively better battery life.

the winner: Nothing Phone (2A)

video streaming test

Next, we set both smartphones to stream a 30-minute YouTube stream at 50 percent brightness and volume level. At the end of the test, the P1 Pro recorded a 4 percent battery drain, as opposed to the 3 percent battery drain on the phone (2a). The phone (2A) won the test marginally.

Realme P1 Pro vs Nothing Phone 2a video playback drop

the winner: Nothing Phone (2A)

gaming test

For the gaming test, we played some moderately demanding games including BGMI, Call of Duty: Mobile, and Real Racing 3 to measure battery consumption on each device. After about 90 minutes of gaming, both the Realme P1 Pro and the Nothing Phone (2A) demonstrated a cumulative battery consumption of 22 percent and an average battery consumption of about 7 percent. The gaming test ended in a tie.

Realme P1 Pro vs Nothing Phone 2a gaming battery drop

the winner: tied

charging speed

Both phones come with 45W fast charging support. The Realme P1 Pro takes around 52 minutes to fully recharge from 20 percent to 100 percent, while the Nothing Phone (2a) takes around 56 minutes to achieve the same. Realme P1 Pro won the charging speed test by a very slight margin.

Realme P1 Pro vs Nothing Phone 2a charging speed

the winner: realme p1 pro


The Nothing Phone (2a) is the overall winner in our battery comparison against the Realme P1 Pro. It offers comparatively longer battery life than the Realme P1 Pro. However, the difference is very slim, And in everyday use, you're unlikely to notice such a minimal difference.

Finally, if you are looking for a smartphone that offers solid battery life, both the Nothing Phone (2A) and the Realme P1 Pro are equally good options, although the latter is comparatively more affordable.

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