Samsung Galaxy Plus Buds Released

Samsung Galaxy Plus Buds Released

Samsung, one of Tech’s biggest companies, has released its long-awaited S20 version of the flagship smartphones. Samsung has also launched its foldable phone – the Galaxy Z Flip smartphone – in the smSamsung has also introduced new earbuds in the same program.

earphone market. In addition,

Yes, South Korea’s tech giant Samsung has launched one of its long-awaited smartphones. In addition, the new Galaxy Plus earbuds has also been launched. This Ear Buds is a Samsung Galaxy Galaxy 2nd Generation Truly Wireless Earbud that is very specially designed. These earbuds are said to offer 2-way speakers and better battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Plus Buds Released

Galaxy Buds Plus design

The Galaxy Buds Plus is made up of 2-way speakers, which are a combination of woofer and tweeter. In addition, these earbuds are an updated version rather than the previous version of the Galaxy Earbuds and have an AKG tune. There is no change in size and shape, just like previous earbuds. The earbuds now have 2-way speaker 3 microphones, although it is said to not support noise cancellation.

Samsung Galaxy Plus Buds Released

What’s special?

The earbuds have no design to look at. Also, Ambient Pass Fixtures are provided around the speaker of the earbuds, which helps users become aware of key sounds around them. Also, playback music will give users a better experience while listening. It will fit into the user’s ear design, making it a great experience.

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Battery specialization

The Galaxy Buds Plus Ear Buds comes with an 85mAh battery backup exclusively for better battery life. The company said it would offer up to 11 hours of playback music. It can also be charged while traveling with your Qi charging pad, wireless power bank or your Galaxy S20 series smartphone. In addition, these earbuds will support both EOS and Android devices.

Pricing and Availability

If you order the Galaxy S20 smartphone now you will get the Galaxy Plus earbuds. The Galaxy Plus Buds are $ 150 (around Rs. 10,700) if purchased separately. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is also available in black, white, red and blue. It is expected to be available in the market from February 14th.

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