Uninstall this application now it`s too dangerous

The Share It app has been very useful since the early days But now there are some security issues in this application, Find out what it is throughout in this article, And what else can you use instead of this application

The First and Main Issue That This Application
These are some of the permissions that will be asked during installation,

  • Photo and media access permission

there is no problem with this permission because it wants to share our photo and media to our friend’s phone, if we deny this permission we can`t share our photo and media to our friends so always allow this permission

  • Device location access permission

all applications like share it asks for location permission but we don`t know why thees applications ask for our location, we don`t have any issue with this permission if you want to share your location allow it`s your choice

  • Make and manage phone calls

Why this app needs this permission? if we allow this it can access our contact list and it can track our phone calls, this is the main issue of this application please check your phone and deny this permission in phone settings.

Second  Issue That This Application

Unwanted advertisement in this application, we have to watch unwanted dirty videos when we share our media We don’t even watch such videos, Unwanted videos notifications, unwanted interacial aads This will cause us much trouble

My suggestion is don`t use this application  This will cause us much trouble
we have too many third-party application to share our photos and media,

One of these

Mi share application if the best alternative to share it. it works like share it same to same but this application doesn’t ask for the make and manage phone calls, No unwanted aads, No unwanted videos, only simple work share and receive photos and media on our mobile.  uninstall share it application and install mi share application now

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