what is 5G technology, how to find it and how to use it.

what is 5G technology

Everyone at this point is wondering: what is 5G technology, how to find it and how to use it. Now all that is in the past because T-Mobile implemented nationwide 5G coverage in the United States, available for over 200 million people in 5000 cities. It uses the 600 megahertz band, which travels farther than other bands, over hundreds of square miles and can pass through more obstacles providing a better, more reliable signal both indoors and out.

T-Mobile also has millimeter wave service in six cities: Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York.ATT has begun offering similar service in the 850 MHz bands in a plan similar to what-Mobile is doing. However, ATT is only offering 5G service in ten cities so far. Prior to this, ATT has been offering millimeter 5G wave only to business partners, not to the public. The 5G tech promise to provide multi-gigabit speeds, near-zero latency, global connectivity, enable autonomous cars and full-rate 4K movies.

However, 5G will not be available to everyone as Karri Kuoppamaki, vice president of network technology development and strategy at T-Mobile explains: “We want to deliver 5G for all rather than 5G for some.”But the vast transformational changes predicted in the hype are years away, and in most areas of the US, it may never happen.
The reason is that the lower frequencies required to cover the spaces in the US can also provide the vast bandwidth required for multi-gigabit wireless. Finding 5G The only way to find a 5G signal is to use a 5G cell phone and a coverage map. A tour through the Washington DC suburbs where 5G has been broadly implemented will give you an idea of what 5G is like right now.

You’ll find places with strong 5G signals, but you’ll also find spots where the only signals are 4G LTE. Right now, broad coverage isn’t everywhere. Because T-Mobile uses a technology called non-standalone 5G, the spotty coverage is less of a problem than it might be. Your phone will simply switch seamlessly between 5G and 4G LTE and you won’t hear any difference. Voice quality may seem slightly better on the phone when you’re using 5G but don’texpect significant changes here.

What’s next for 5G T-Mobile is already working to expand its 5G footprint in the 600 MHz band, and ATT is planning to expand its 850 MHz 5G. If T-Mobile is successful in its plans to acquire Sprint, then the company plans are to expand its mid-band frequencies, which operate above 2 GHz, not far from the WiFibands.ATT has the ability to expand in the same area and will be building out 5G there as it grows that service. However, while this technology is, in fact, available, the 5G of the hype world mostly is not. Perhaps more important, for many it may be a distant dream that’s limited to densely urban or industrial areas. For everyone else, it may take decades to arrive if it ever does. What you think about 5G? If you already have access to it feel free to share your experience with us in the comment section.

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