iPhone 14 Pro Max to be world's best-selling smartphone in 2023, no Galaxy S23 model in list: Canalys report

iPhone leads world's top 10 shipped smartphones in 2023

As already mentioned, 2022 iPhone 14 Pro Max ,Review) was the best-selling smartphone in 2023 with 34 million units. Presumably, the discounted rate after the launch of the new iPhone series helped secure this record. Interestingly, the design, specs and presence of the Lightning port of the previous generation did not stop people from purchasing this model.

Other Apple The list includes iPhone 14-series models iPhone 14 (29 million) in third place and iPhone 14 Pro (29 million) is in fourth place.

Canalys Best Selling Phones 2023 List

even older iPhone 13 It has also managed to achieve 23 million sales and is ranked 5th.

As you might be wondering, the new iPhone 15 series has also performed well, even though they launched just a few months ago in September 2023. iPhone 15 Pro Max ,Review) is second on the list with sales of 33 million units, just one million behind the top contender's record.

iPhone 15 Pro Ranked 7th with 21 million unit shipments iPhone 15 Ranked 10th with sales of 17 million units.

We also note that neither iPhone 14 Plus and neither iPhone 15 Plus Has performed well compared to other iPhones.

List of best selling Samsung phones in 2023

Although other smartphone brands failed to make the cut, SAMSUNG There are at least three Galaxy phones in the list. there is Galaxy A14 4G Ranked sixth with sales of 21 million units Galaxy A54 8th place with 20 million and Galaxy A14 5G Ranked 9th with sales of 19 million units. This also shows that people at the lower level have chosen 4G phones instead of 5G phones.

Surprisingly, there is no Galaxy S23 phone in the list. Hopefully, things will change for the Galaxy S24 series with Galaxy AI features and other upgrades.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Video

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